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First, D-boys be Ambitious.
Wrote them down as I watched, so not very coherent and I was trying to pay attention.

Yuichi isn't there.
Igarashi apologizes.
Araki says, now that's out of the way, what's with the get up?
They're dressed in school uniforms.
Igarashi says it's their theme from now on.

Straight to Seto's task.
Shio-san (26) wants help on becoming a flair bartendah.

At Friday's RED, they meet senpai Mitsu,who has won something 7 years in row,  some sort of flair bar-tending competition.
The owner (?) is sort of hot, in a blurry keyhole way.
Shio sucks, drops bottles on his first try.

While Mitsu watches Shio practice at some garden, Seto does choresss.
Reminds me of Adachi in DD-boys, but, bartenders instead of hosts.

lol Seto complains cutely, "it's heavy" & "it's like weight/muscle training".

Seto has to chip ice into shapes? I think he's aiming for balls >_>
Ball won't fit in glass.
Cutting limes. Squeezing limes. lol Make that squeezing limes the wrong way.
Cleaning furniture.
Cleaning the toilets *flashback to DD-boys*
Many hours later, 5:30 still practicing, there's about 20 minutes until the bar opens.
Seto comes to see Shio.
Opening time, But only Seto returns...

Pina colada, Seto doesn't know this word, I can't

As expected, it's hard to keep up with the customers.

Waiter breaks bar-tending down, Bar means serving drinks and tender means taking cake of the customers >_>

Communication. He said communication is important.
Studio - 若手  <-- Can't remember why I wrote that down lol

It's 7 pm. Peak hour.

lol Foreigners are in the store.
Seto forgets to bring them a menu.
"Yabai" Aww Seto.

7:30 Shio is having a heart to heart with Mitsu
He can't do back to the bar today. Poor Shio.

Seto seems to be getting better, the female customers like him. Shocking XD
The gaijin are happy.
Ahh Seto gets a tip.


Owner (?) says he did well.

7:50 the two return

Mitsu will put on his showwwww.
Seto is amazed.
Understanding this feeling is important. (Just like with the chef in Yuichi's episode, it's the feeling that your cake/act of pouring drinks w/ the glasses on your chest brings them, that's what's important).

Seto: "Tears appeared".    I lol

Shio goes back to TGIF where he works.
Harajuku shop, if you want to stalk him.
It's 9:00 pm.

lol Shio called Seto on stage and Seto helps with the routine. Shio doesn't suck entirely.
Hand holding

Seto knows the importance of making each day a great day (???), I think he's been drinking!

Something about a dream phrase.

Name of the unit????
*drum roll*

Ad. lol


Igarashi's face says it alllllllllllllllllllllllllll








Why is Igarashi undressing?
Seto started to follow.

igarashi reveals he has a pigg T-shirt. (See Yamada's pigg below).

lol Wada made a clark pigg lol
When I saw it, I was too busy saying "Why is Wada naked" I didn't even think "Ah it resembles Clark"

Next episode will be summary episode, featuring un-aired scenes, if you take it literally, you either get to see them w/out make-up, or see a the real them exposed.
The results of the auditions will be 19th so I dunno when the show is ending.

Since I saw Araki already on pigg, I was more focused on the fresh meat Yamada Yusuke.

Our room rehearsed going tiny at the same time, so when they got there we all mini-ed and Yamada was surprised and said we were cute.
Then he and Araki took turns at going mini.
Araki did back-flips and Yamada cried b/c he couldn't do them.
Everyone kept congratulating him on Kamen Rider OOO.
I don't remember much else.
For you that don't know much about D-boys, this Yamada is actually hot in real life.
I really need to stop talking like Joori from Star King.

[ profile] makichan5  has lots of pigg pictures on her lj and [ profile] tilmon  has tonsss of DBA caps. Did reborn do it this week?

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