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I thought the next post was supposed to be about cats?

Shirota Yuu X Music = U, however, Shirota x Twitter = Head + Desk.. Shirota doesn't know what he's going to tweet about, acts like 12 and I've forgotten all of the tiny amount of Japanese I knew. Anything I left in Japanese, it's because he already wrote the equivalent in English in the tweet, sorry that there's too many comments and the format's a little hard to read, I think next time I'll color code it or just leave out the links.

Nice to meet you! It's U. I think I'll be posting about music. Thanks for the follow (laugh) [1]
21 Feb

[1] He ends this with nau which is like "now" and it's popular with tweets, coming from nau meaning to do, I think. Brushing my teeth now. My interpretation is since he said yoroshiku it means it's more like thanks in advance for the follow.

Ah, not just (about) music, I'll tweet about trivial stuff too. Or rather "tweet" .. kinda funny. (laugh) well later. [2].
22 Feb

[2] The Japanese word for tweet is "呟く" - tsubuyaku, it means mutter or mumble so saying "to tweet" is funny, sort of.

Everyone thanks for following! By the way, I am the real person...[3]
22 Feb

[3] Yes it's really me, no for real, it's U, I mean me, Shirota

The Making of clip is here! The making of U / Sisyphus 〈YouTube〉
(NicoNico Vid)
22 Feb

good morning! my song 「Sisyphus」is started available for download on mobile sites!please check it out! I hope you'll like it! thank you. [4]
22 Feb

[4] Shirota's Translation, he posted it in Japanese, English and Spanish.

『Sisyphus』is 『シシファス』 [5]。
22 Feb

[5] Shishifasu in Japanese

Thanks everyone! I can't write the full meaning attached to "Sisyphus" here, but in short, it conveys a feeling of suffering without end.
23 Feb

2500 Followers? Thanks a lot! I'm surprised now. (laughs) [5]
23 Feb

[5] See [1]

Delicious dinner now!
23 Feb

Oh, I've overeaten now. (laugh)
23 Feb

I ate the hamburger special.
23 Feb

I stumped my little toe. It hurts so much! (laugh)
23 Feb

I'm currently in make-up. It feels good...
23 Feb

Thanks everyone, thankfully my little toe is ok. But, this time my abs... …(;´д`)
24 Feb

..(but) it's just from working out. (laugh) Today was another full day. (´ー`)ノ
24 Feb

(So) it's Friday huh? As work turns into rest, please do your best studying! ー(*´д`*)
24 Feb

Oh yeah, once again, I can't talk about it in full, but my first live (show) will be at Lazano, Kawasaki on Monday. Everyone, please come pumped up.
24 Feb

Currently, exploring twitter. I tried following. This is nerve-wracking (´・ω・`)
24 Feb

Replying... Nerve-wracking. (laugh)
25 Feb

Im soooo full( ´∀`) [6]
25 Feb

[6] In English

@sweetdary Happy birthday!!! [7]
25 Feb

[7] In English to a fan that told him it was her birthday.

I made it haha!(*´д`*)  [6]
25 Feb

[ profile] amamiyarin  (@) : made what? XD
25 Feb

@UN1982 You're like a poet (laugh) [8]
25 Feb

[8] To Urata Naoya's tweet. Which went something like "(Under) the pretty sky, in the good weather too, I don't remember when this was, but I recall this time of innocence, half smiling sweetness and half painful. It felt good."

@ just reply!  [6]
25 Feb

e comido maaboudoofu. I ate maaboudoofu. 麻婆豆腐食べました。
25 Feb

さて、いってきまうす。I gotta go. hasta luego amigos(*´д`*)
25 Feb

Ryo from Orange Range: @  Oy! I always think I want to cut you down to size. [9]
25 Feb

[9] Literally, I want to divide your height. Not thing pervy thoughts, not thinking pervy thoughts.

@ I always thinking I want to cut down your manliness (laugh)
25 Feb

[10] He uses the very manly ora here, but I want to divide your manliness. I mean come on!!!!

Ah well I guess I'm slowly leaving.
25 Feb

Running( ´∀`) chao!  [6]
25 Feb

taroimo( ´∀`) [12]
25 Feb

Fukutaro: @ 85 nenkai is the best [11]
25 Feb

[11] nenkai means something like conference, and 85 is the year they were born, apparently there's six of them. Ironically it's the same age they act.

@ There's still some people missing though ( ´∀`) (laugh)
25 Feb

I mean Tadaima(*´д`*)  [12]
25 Feb

[12] LMAO

(I think that's a good place to end for now, I already did the rest, days ago, but I'm too tired to read through it and I have a cold T_T )

PS I miss you Sakura!
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