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This post is about nails and well douchiness.
Are you following me on twitter? No, that's ok because I'm about to regurgitate it here.

In August:

L-R: Nails Stamps and Crackle Polish


L-R: Dots with a band of of gold foil nail ribbon, crushed shells (yes as in actual crushed sheels)

L-R: Sakura Nail stamps, two coloured nail stamps, matching crackle toes

lol I called them Jungle nails, the shiny polish fades into the matt green. You can't see the gradient nor the actual shade of green though :(
Those are fimo

A little blurry but these are my sister's (she's the one that does my nails)
L-R: Fimo and cookies painted on, rockstar nails? they looked better when the sides were cleaned up, and marbling

This week:

This week I got her to marble my nails.

HecklerSpray this morning made me laugh.
"Rolling Stone, that bastion of cocking arsewipes has decided that not
only do they have the self-congratulated intelligence to judge what is
good, and what is bad, but they’ve even decided to tell everyone what
their opinion is."

It's funny and ironic since this is exactly what HecklerSpray does. However, it's mostly funny because it's true.

And now it's time for me to work. :(
One of my co-workers edited an application that we use to manage projects (timelines and assigned tasks, etc).
It did what she wanted butttt after you create a project but you can't edit the project (an error pops up). Rather than say she had no idea what the heck she was doing, she tried to convince us that we shouldn't be editing projects. Granted you shouldn't be changing project names, but why wouldn't you want to update the status?
The thing is she said it with such certainty that you would think that she actually believed it.
When people make up strange things as fact.. ugh. I just don't even know what to say, I've never been articulate.
It's just as bad as that chick that told me YamaP was no longer the person she knew, and yet in over the 100 words she typed to me, couldn't list a single reason (even though she said she listed it elsewhere; only certain YamaP fans would understand >_> ).
Yeah typing all that crap is far better than just copying and pasting your reasons from elsewhere.

Oh Oh! I was looking at an olddd Seto pimp post I had done, I wasn't into K-pop then and even when I looked at Full House I didn't remember that I had translated that. So even though D-Date was supposed to have a collab with Choshinsei, and even though he's probably done drugs with G-Dragon, I'm just going to pretend he's a SHINee fan.
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