Oct. 12th, 2011

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As is the current trend all of this was on my twitter.

First off, if you're not in [livejournal.com profile] yuu_shirota - Shirota and a Backstreet Boy.
This is a big deal since Shirota lovesssssssssss BSB.
To quote [livejournal.com profile] tampabayrocky : "I bet shirota's got his panties on a twist and screamIng like a demented fangirl! Happy for him!"

This is actually more exciting than when I saw Shirota's naked ass.

I'm going to translate how it came about and post it later, but basically Howie said he wanted to do a special collab, and the Avex staff searched far and wide... but not so far that they found an non-Avex singer. >_>

Ahh, recently since [livejournal.com profile] vanilla_ichigo brought up Full House, I'd been follow Bob Saget and John Stamos for a while when they wished Dave Coulier Happy Birthday so I decided to follow him and got this DM:

Ok yeah I'm sure that probably got sent to a lot of people.

Since you're still reading this, you probably don't follow my twitter (and you have too much free time). But I had posted this a while back.
John Stamos' guide to cuddling!!
You must check out the behind the scenes as well!

Hmm... other twitter things... Oh David Copperfield (who I loved as a kid) replied to one of my tweets and this led to some people thinking I was ... Criss Angel >_>
And Ricky Kim is so hot allegedly now knows where Guyana is. I love "Fantalks"
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HOWIE Dのソロデビュー・アルバムが日本でリリースされることについて、
もともとファンということもあり、カラオケなどではBACKSTREET BOYSの楽曲を歌っていたという。
そして同時にレコーディングを行い出来上がった楽曲が「If I Sayfeat. U」だ。

Backstory of the Collaboration

As Howie D (was preparing) for the release of his Japanese CD, Howie personally said "I want to do a special collaboration".
Working with the staff from the label (Avex), in keeping with the idea that Backstreet Boys had an international identity, they decided that they should use a Japanese artist who had an international identity as well.
As the staff corresponded while searching for a Japanese artist, Shirota('s name) popped as a candidate.
Shirota who has a Japanese father and a Spanish mother, is trilingual, speaking Japanese, Spanish and can communicate in English.
While he acts of course, he made his debut on May 5th, 2011, releasing music under the stage name "U", an Avex artist who was still (relatively unknown) and possessing high musical skills.
Howie himself while American, is bilingual, speaking Spanish as well.
Since both possess such high skills and with discovering this common "Spanish" background. The staff thinking "Having anyone other partner for this collaboration is unimaginable". So they suggested U to Howie.
On commenting on U's singing, Howie said "Good" [1]
So sending out a "Love Call" to you, the collaboration was born in public. [2]
The resulting song, (written and recorded simultaneously) is  「If I Sayfeat. U」

Notes: I did this in like 5 mins or less. It's just the gist.
[1] He might have said other stuff but it was in English so this is all you need to know, it's totally not that we didn't understand it.
[2] Does Shirota still have his radio show?

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Since Stefy ( [info]pharrezychica ) said she missed Yanagi. I thought I'd post some more of the old ones that [info]andweewoo had sent me.
They're priceless really.

20091118: After a long long long time.

Some weeks before, I attended a Tenimyu Men's re-union!
I met Ueshima Yuukio who was called the "Magician of the Dance World". ☆
In the show, we played Father/Son roles.

Did you know?

The legend of (the) musical
Prince of Tennis ~☆

200911122: I'm sorry!

As a rule, I don't turn on the heater until December, but,
In the end, I had to turn it on.

The heater... actually the air conditioner was turned on.

It's soo cold

Sooweeee. ☆

20091121: What the heck is this? [1]

It's already two days since the Mount Everest ascent was begun...

If I wore this hat, I'd supposed I would I would have made it up Mount Fuji now.

This hat probably has mysterious powers.

The things on my mind from before

... that's what this hat is. [2]

[1] Oh god even he doesn't know T_T

[2] This is the line I had a problem with.

20091130: Urgent Event[3]

☆Yanagi's Fortune-telling…(Skinship)☆
(Yanagi's imagination edition)

Rating: R15 years (and older)

You enter the room. and I, Yanagi, touch your body and tell your fortune.
Each fortune will cost 8000 yen each.

Warning: Do not raise your voice/ yell. I'll get angry.

That's all a lie, but,
I've always wanted to try something like that.

Ah hahaha ?

(From the manager:
That's forbidden.
You absolutely must not do this)

That true. (laugh)

[3] He's talking about an event like a hand shake event and as though it was real.


While Yanagi offering to molest you for money was strange (but expected), I found this creepy.
I was joking that I knew what their apartment building looked like, but, I didn't expect to see it ever again (it was is two TV shoes). :/

Three posts in one day. I'm sorry!!

Edit: Yanagi should work for the TSA


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