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So I wake up and there's space available in the rooms. I got to 4 then notice there's space in 2 so i went to room 1.
This is all awesome and stufff.... untillllllllllllll ... I stopped paying attention because I was chatting on pigg with someone, who sort of waited all week to speak to me.
Even though I was in room 2, i had joined the line for room 1 and so eventually I got back in and much to my surprise, Igarashi and Wada were still there. Except they were both naked and Wada was trying to convince someone that he's not a pervert and this wasn't "ero"

However, before I could take a picture of them:
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While I was waiting, a guy on my list followed me to Stefy's room. He thinks if we go to Japan, we should contact him.
Of course, my mature response to this was to yell (privately) to Stefy "NOOOOO. It's a trap. He wants to rape us".
The best part of this thing, has to be talking crap while waiting XD

This is a show about cakes and boys and cakes )

[ Key from Shinee is at cooking school >_>   Just saying ]

NEXT WEEK: Seto is going to be doing flair bartending
but I keep thinking flare bartending.

Now, I hear Yuichi's radio show is ending. This is so abrupt, would anyone will be willing to save the blogs or at least the pictures in a zip file for [ profile] channaka ?
Link to radio blog

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Stefy is returning home today so I better not talk about Shinee... oops.

This is three somewhat old entries that andiewoo had sent me during my epic fail period.

Nakamura Yuichi: [01/20 20:54]
Subject: Zukki and Adachi.

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Yanagi Koutarou: [01/21 21:00]
Subject: Yanagi in Gym in Japan. [1]

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Nakamura Yuichi: [01/21 22:10]
Subject: Interview day

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Sorta feels like I did these before?
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I'll start with Piggu.
Yesterday it was announced that They would start earlier this week, I really wanted to believe in Stefy's "luck" that Yanagi would come this week.
I mean Yanagi already has a new secret official pigg. It's obviously starting early so the two heavily medicated D-boy cripples can type slowly.
But instead we got Seto and Kaji. And the truth is Seto might as well been a cripple!
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Now DBA. Araki helps a 15 year old boy become a jockey.

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荒瀬五中 (AraSeGoChuu)

I'm so disturbed!! 3000 entries. What will be the decision?
Please be #2.

Tilmon's post. summary of DBA and Pigg. Tons of screenshot
Reborn's post on DBA.
Maki's post on Pigg.

From Manager Silver.
Seto's keyboard seems broken. Kaji seems like he didn't bathe. Link
Seto's apologetic face.

I should sleep more. In that last Yanagi picture he reminded me of taemin. Must be a riff in the space/time fandom continuum somewhere.
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Or I'd be really depressed.

It seems everyone I like go downhill.
Shirota ... well let's just not talk about him.
Ryo had his little Nicidman thing.
Channaka broke his back.
I'm really worried for Shinee. :P

And this brings me to what tilmon and I discussed last week. Apparently there's a term アゲメン (agemen) which is a guy that bring luck to the women he dates. There's a a female equivalent ageman (the "man" is from from manko). So I guess I'm an unlucky ... ANYWAY.

As I've already started talking crap, I'll tell you one of my favourite memories on pigg.
Mr. Seto! What a large head you have! )

Oh. Meaning of cock and bull.
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Love questions

Photos of pages from Baidu.

4 short questions and even shorter answers )
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I think Jaejoong (Tohoshinki / JYJ / Heaven) looks like a product of photoshopping the faces of about 6 people on to a very nice body.
But, thanks to [ profile] fila_desu  and [ profile] angelalia I've watched far too many videos of Shinee

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So TL:DR version.
Minho used to sort of look like some D-boys but now looks like this:

And I don't know where this Yuichi picture is from either.

Yuichi T_T

Aug. 16th, 2010 08:50 am
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So I saw on Miki's blog Yuichi won't be taking part in Last Game due to his chronic back trouble getting worse. They seemed put on emphasis on it being the doctor's decision not theirs.

Apparently, Zukki asked Miki to leave it up to him so he's be doing Yuichi's part, in omoi and the rest of it.

Is this an appropriate time to spam you with one of my favourite Yuichi pictures?

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Let's start with DBA while I can remember any of it.

So last week, Igarashi messed up and the supervisor told Dai-chan he needed to study. So they went off to some place to make soup in small vats. He was really nice how much fail this was, it was pretty much three minutes or so of sweat.
My favourite part would be Igarashi punishing and saying "Oi! Yuichi! Seto! Araki! What are you trying to do?"
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Special Unit finalists!!!
You can see the videos of them here.
You can vote too!!
I was leaning towards 前田 until I saw Park Jaehyun.

cap from [ profile] fila_desu 

My sister on Japanese TV )

This week, Araki and tomo came.
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My sister and I were the only ones speaking any English (well I said some stuff in Japanese but her system can't read Japanese text at all)
So we were pretty happy about this:
(10:19) 柳下 大: YSE!!!
(10:19) 柳下 大: YESYES!!!!

Edit: Tilmon's pix
rebirth's pix

last week's if you missed it.
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Just so you know nothing I write here can be compared to how awesome this actually was. Yuichi's cowardice is just priceless.

You can skip the first section
Breaking glass, setting people on fire, blowing stuff up )

Now for the Yuichi bit, what's his face declares Yuichi the most incompetent of the group. And he should become a real hero like Zeronos. To prove it they show Yuichi losing against a dog.

hetare )

They show various stupid stupid stupid stupid things that people do around the world, including one with giants ants that I could not bear to look at.
It was then decided that Yuichi would do some Okie Noodling. But I like calling it Catfisting.
Random fact, Noodling is spelled the same way as "nude ring" in Japanese.
You are our champion. lmao )

Edit: You can watch it here.
Please someone, save it for me???

I tried but failed
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Warning: This post is about palm-reading. Yuichi has a short head line. I really did have a ton of 1/2 finished translations so I decided this one would not be one of them as a result I just used what the Japanese called the lines and didn't look up what they're called in English.. Maybe it's more fun this way? VERY gisty.

M-Graphic 6: Yuichi's fate in the near future (summer and after) and general comments

Scans from here and are filled with pretty boys in yukata.

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I typed all this with a very VERY dramatic voice in my head.

Favourite lj moment this month:
This post is sponsored by Kotex )
Later I will be back to spam you with Yuichi's trip to america!! He went to Oklahoma!
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I'm so sleep deprived right now.

I'm lacking sleep right now. Despite my zombie state, i've still gotten up what seems like my usual Sunday hi-jinks.

Let's go in reverse order.
It starts of with Igarashi in a "new location" dressed in all white cook's clothes.
(Yes. I watched DBA.) Igarashi had to help out "Dai-chan" from Hokkaido, as suspected, Dai indicated that this is a boy we're talking about. So Dai-chan comes up to Igarashi who is wants to know who Dai-chan is gay for.... a fan of. Dai-chan apologetically explains after watching Gekiranger he became a fan.
Igarashi: "Who do you like?"
Dai-chan: "Araki"
Igarashi: "Ha. Araki" (obviously he's wondering why he got stuck with this task).

Dai-chan wants to bring the taste of the ramen from popular Nantsuttei (Site) back to his home town.

With his fighting spirit in they start off and Igarashi gets to help sweep the shop. They prepare to open and Igarashi doesn't hold back on sampling the finished product.

They made ramen and I spaced out a lot from said lack of sleep.

At some point during the peak hour something went wrong, so they flashed over to Inspiari..
Igarashi and the other talk about what they do in situations like this, apparently it's easier during Last Game rehearsals because they have other people they can rely on. Yuichi looks cuter this week with his short hair.

They get through whatever it was they were going through and Igarashi helps with waiting and stuff.
Then something else happens and Igarashi looks genuinely worried he screwed up and even tells the cameraman this.

At some point, shop owner  calls over and gives Dai his critique.
I have no idea what he was saying, it didn't look good.
It seems overall they didn't make out so well with this task.

Anyway, next week they're going to be going to a soup shop.
pigg stuff under here )

naked Adachi )

And now i'll shut up!

EDIT: tilmon has pix up already. HERE

EDIT #2:

I forgot to say that earlier. I'm sorry.


DBA blog

Aug. 4th, 2010 09:03 am
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This is the last time I talk about that DBA episode. i sort of promise. You can sort of see the pretty ring in here.

2010-08-02: Yesterday's broadcast
pic: 4

big pretty pictures under here )
2010-08-03: Did you notice?
pic: 0

Not a translation but this one points out Yuichi was wearing the same shirt in the last two episodes. I did notice, but I thought he was just into that shirt. But Mascot-san gives us the "inside story" that Yuichi went over to Araki's karaoke place because he felt guilty for hitting on Korean waiter. Afterwards, they had hot hot lesbian sex. Yes it really does say that, if you didn't read that then your Japanese skills are obviously not as good as mine.
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Last two days were soo much funnnnnn as a D-boy fan.

First off, the fandom Gods are reading my blog and they know I really want YuuichixJaejoong. I'm not delusional.
What do they give me? Yuuichi speaking Korean, eating Korean food
and best of all hitting on Korean waiters. <-- And this isn't me joking.

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D-boys pigguuu

I've had the best time on Ameba Pigg.
I'm the dark one.

there is nudity here )

My sister and I were looking Araki's and Igarashi's pigg yesterday and wondering why they had changed and today's DBA answered that.
I wish I could say all the fun things that happened on there. XD
Fishing, praying, skating, yelling to "I love you more" to strangers across a room >_>
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I got an ameba pigg.

I had an ameba ID for some time, but, until harassing a random person last night, I didn't even try to get a pigg.

It's pretty effin awful because now I really want imaginary cool stuff for my imaginary room that my pigg lives in.
If you have a Japanese cellphone and are planning on signing up, I think I can get gold if I invite you >_>

I've been doing stupid things so I didn't do the tutorial and lost a chance to get 5 of some...something. Took too long to respond to a guy sitting on a bench next to me (in my defense he kept asking me where I lived).
I was talking to him in English and a bunch of people (in Japanese) started to sort of freak out. Apparently they're curious as to how I can sign up when I don't live there.

Oh! I went to the D-boys area and there was a random guy at the mic, he was err... rapping.. in English. Crap like "Light a dutch... My crimonology is white collar" etc. He said he was freestyling So I told him those were lyrics (in Japanese) and he insisted he was just freestyling. At the end he asked how did he do. So I said "you're getting better I suppose" and he ran over to me and started talking in Japanese, that I was his big fan and thanked me for my support. XD

It's hard for me since I use my touchpad most of the time instead of my mouse.

As I doubt I'll ever run into a D-boy online so please tell me your pigg names / ameba IDs so I can occasionally harass you.
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D-boys be ambitious blog

2010-07-27: Next is Nakamura Yuichi...
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Next DBA is about Yuichi!!!!
And its sports related? D:
I like the way they take the time to remind you he likes Shoujo Manga.

To recap, last week, Araki went to karaoke and Yuichi crashed.

Before that Shunji climbed walled that looked like the germs/microbes from Moyashimon were stuck to it.

A fan on twitter told me he really did go to America (but I was too shy to ask what he said about it :D   )
She also said he went for his driver's licence finally. Yay!

Lastly, while stefy was happy about Yanagi and Yuuyan, I was all WTH Araki! Leave Yuichi alone. >_>

D-boys Info Blog

2010-07-09: Moyashimon
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2010-07-12: 「D-BOYS BE AMBITIOUS」&「NatsuDoko」
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2010-07-15: Moyashimon Ep 2
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2010-07-16: Moyashimon!!
pic: 1
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2010-07-17: Tobidase! Kagaku-kun [0]
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You can skip to about 1:55.
Something not D-boys related, that maybe a lot of my f-list has seen.
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[ profile] fila_desu  created a Twibbon for D-boys.
If you have a twitter please considering adding it. You don't have to keep as part of your avatar/profile pic/whatever it's called.

Remember, you don't have to keep it always, you can easily revert to your old avatar.
Please PLEASE, post this on your lj or twitter. This is a really small fandom, so I'd greatly appreciate if you'd do this, little thing.

And now, my co-workers, my usb flash drive and the loch ness monster.


Jul. 19th, 2010 08:07 pm
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Had quite the day at work. Some consultants (?) came from Canada and as you already know I'm shy and really awkward.
So it's 1:30 and I can't find my boss and they're coming at 3:00! I felt so bad b/c it turns out she was at the doctor b/c she's having heart problems. :(
I brought her up to speed just barely in time, when the security called to tell me they were downstairs, we were in a mad rush to hide all the samples other companies had sent to us.
One of the men said I look just like my dad. lol problie all Indian people look alike XD
But they were so nice, and convincing, by the end of it I wanted to say "Just fired all the staff and buy their software and stuff instead".

Anyway, when I bought my laptop (oh yeah the only reason I'm updating so much is I finally have a new laptop.It's purple and...)
AHEM. When I bought it, we also bought some stuff online, mostly cooking stuff, it had to be shipped back here and today they finally came, and guess what was among the candy melts and cookie sheets. A TOMAHAWK. Yes. A fucking tomahawk.
This one.

I was looking for the D-boys rumour thread, but, couldn't find it.

Instead I came across some lulzy rumours. Bolded the parts I liked.

Jin's 24th Birthday
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Actually it feels familiar like I read it before.


The other day... )

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I missed D-boys be ambitious. Again. Fortunately fila took screencaps so I could squee over.
Will try to watch tomorrow.
Most importantly, Yanagi's biography is being translated.
If you ever want to do anything for me, it would be to read that...and buy it?

Watched Joker. But, not all at once. I had a very busy week at work and even when I came home on Thursday I had to go again and didn't come home until late. Then yesterday we had to go over to that branch again and the head of the organization came in and made a speech on camera and it was nice, although, it wasn't fully working. It's fully working now and next week we're supposed to meet with the press. I do not want to do this, I really hope the head of our department will go.... lol Forgot that I was supposed to be talking about the show.

I like it! As we expected Ryo's character was supposed to provide comic relief. But, I had noticed he was supposed to be a genius/tensai/whatever and it pretty much played out the way in the drama. I want to write more about this and certain flaws (although watching CSI, Law and order, NCIS, bones, etc hardly makes me an expert at crime-related dramas). Perhaps when the entire show is over.

So Jin's not in KAT-TUN anymore.
And I was going to write my thoughts but, instead I'll write about what pisses me off.
Now 2chan is a deep dark hole where people hide behind the anonymity to just be nasty.
It's really funny to read most of it, like "Kamenashi will become a pro-baseball player" and there's always the ASCII art

paul )

there's a penis under here so NSFW )

But what I intensely dislike are statements like these:
"死ね with Jin " and
it is time for YOU to go.
Not JIN.
YOU! "
(Yes written in English)
I don't know if it's supposed to be funny, as in just an excuse to use "YOU" like Johnny does. Or if that person needs meds.

I'll just distract myself with Moyashimon and this club8 thing.

Edit: This post sounded too sane. I want Jaejoong from DBSK to have babies with Channaka. I do.


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