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Mar. 5th, 2010 01:09 pm
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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. ^_^

I spent it quietly, I brought a cake to work that my my mom and sister made:
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Sadly, you don't get a good look at the bowl the flowers are in.

But at home a few people visited me and I also had cake there:
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A puzzle cake

And these were my nails:
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A better look at my thumbs:Read more... )

What I drank:Read more... )

I've got 5 minutes left of my lunch break since I've spent all of it working. TGIF
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Today is my sister's 21st birthday and my dad's birthday too.

Glitter Text Generator
Glitter Text Generator

Also happy birthday to [ profile] crazy_otaku911
And Gin ♥


Jan. 23rd, 2008 01:16 pm
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Shirota Yuu
2008-01-22:  Once again after a long time
Pic: 1 Deja vuey

Now that that's out of the way!

Yesterday was my younger sister's ([profile] engwanoviel) birthday as well as our dad's.
It was also [profile] crazy_otaku911 's birthday. I know (IRL) two other people with this same birthday, including my sister's godfather.
Happy Belated Birthday to you all!

And Ginnie, it's still your birthday here
so Happy Birthday [profile] juudenkanryou !

Heath Ledger, huh. I was pretty surprised when I heard it on the news last night.
I just want to say the whole Olsen aspect to the Heath Ledger thing amused me.
Actor dies unexpectedly, yeah an Olsen must somehow be involved.
Which reminds me, when I heard Brad Renfro had died a few days back, I was kinda shocked... somehow I already under the impression that he was dead.

Soo sleepy!
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I'm back? Maybe?
lol I hope so.

I just did these entries b/c I'm sure these are the one that people want to read the most and because I didn't have time to do more right now. I'll try my best to catch up on Monday!





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