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I know no one reads my lj anymore but, it's nice most of the people to whom I'm friended have not deleted me.
I miss lj more and more, I miss fandom and the old days.

This morning I saw the article about Ryo and the other one leaving News but, I had to .. work :(

Recently I started looking at Zenkai girl, it's so-so, but, it's the first jdrama I've looked at in a while.
I don't go on 2ch anymore, but no doubt that's where all the hate is, on twitter all the tweets in Japanese are of "shokku" and bikkuri and quite a few wondered who the heck the rest of the members were. Poor 4nin.

I don't know why but, a lot of people feel betrayed by YamaP,
Ok I take that back, I do know why.
Apparently he said he would never leave.

But, even if he did say that, it's quite possible that he felt that way at the time, maybe he didn't want you to hate him and not buy his solo CD so he told himself that he would really never leave. Lying to ourselves is something everyone does, yes even idols.
Of course he could just have been lying to "you" because even though he wanted to leave he didn't want you to cry about it.
Awww. Isn't he nice? So let's not be angry with him.

We would rather be ruined than changed;
We would rather die in our dread
Than climb the cross of the moment
And let our illusions die.

- W.H. Auden

So think about would you have rather he stayed and been miserable just so you could have things the way you wanted it?
As he slowly started to feel trapped and hate the other members. Just so you could pretend everyone was happy with the way things were?
Oh! I know, let's just all blame Kitagawa. -_-

Actually if I'm quite honest about it, I'm am truly pleased that Ryo and Yamashita left together.
Huge difference from when Shirota left D-boys and everything else in my life was going wrong.

But, most importantly it's Yuichi's bday.
I was tempted to do something dramatic like tweet "Happy Birthday Yuichi, you're gone but we won't forget you" to d-date or Miki
Then I remembered my age and that it was truly not funny.


Jul. 19th, 2010 08:07 pm
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Had quite the day at work. Some consultants (?) came from Canada and as you already know I'm shy and really awkward.
So it's 1:30 and I can't find my boss and they're coming at 3:00! I felt so bad b/c it turns out she was at the doctor b/c she's having heart problems. :(
I brought her up to speed just barely in time, when the security called to tell me they were downstairs, we were in a mad rush to hide all the samples other companies had sent to us.
One of the men said I look just like my dad. lol problie all Indian people look alike XD
But they were so nice, and convincing, by the end of it I wanted to say "Just fired all the staff and buy their software and stuff instead".

Anyway, when I bought my laptop (oh yeah the only reason I'm updating so much is I finally have a new laptop.It's purple and...)
AHEM. When I bought it, we also bought some stuff online, mostly cooking stuff, it had to be shipped back here and today they finally came, and guess what was among the candy melts and cookie sheets. A TOMAHAWK. Yes. A fucking tomahawk.
This one.

I was looking for the D-boys rumour thread, but, couldn't find it.

Instead I came across some lulzy rumours. Bolded the parts I liked.

Jin's 24th Birthday
Read more... )

Actually it feels familiar like I read it before.


The other day... )

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I missed D-boys be ambitious. Again. Fortunately fila took screencaps so I could squee over.
Will try to watch tomorrow.
Most importantly, Yanagi's biography is being translated.
If you ever want to do anything for me, it would be to read that...and buy it?

Watched Joker. But, not all at once. I had a very busy week at work and even when I came home on Thursday I had to go again and didn't come home until late. Then yesterday we had to go over to that branch again and the head of the organization came in and made a speech on camera and it was nice, although, it wasn't fully working. It's fully working now and next week we're supposed to meet with the press. I do not want to do this, I really hope the head of our department will go.... lol Forgot that I was supposed to be talking about the show.

I like it! As we expected Ryo's character was supposed to provide comic relief. But, I had noticed he was supposed to be a genius/tensai/whatever and it pretty much played out the way in the drama. I want to write more about this and certain flaws (although watching CSI, Law and order, NCIS, bones, etc hardly makes me an expert at crime-related dramas). Perhaps when the entire show is over.

So Jin's not in KAT-TUN anymore.
And I was going to write my thoughts but, instead I'll write about what pisses me off.
Now 2chan is a deep dark hole where people hide behind the anonymity to just be nasty.
It's really funny to read most of it, like "Kamenashi will become a pro-baseball player" and there's always the ASCII art

paul )

there's a penis under here so NSFW )

But what I intensely dislike are statements like these:
"死ね with Jin " and
it is time for YOU to go.
Not JIN.
YOU! "
(Yes written in English)
I don't know if it's supposed to be funny, as in just an excuse to use "YOU" like Johnny does. Or if that person needs meds.

I'll just distract myself with Moyashimon and this club8 thing.

Edit: This post sounded too sane. I want Jaejoong from DBSK to have babies with Channaka. I do.
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 I'm still missing some entries in the last batch, this batch starts at 28 which is kind of an odd place to start, but I was too lazy to move 26 and 27 here and they changed the header for it to this uglier one.
Currently I'm missing Volumes 2, 7, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 29, 34. Help?
I got the scans for  this batch from Vendy and baidu
(Previous batch was just updated with volumes 23 and 24 thanks to scans from nico26.
EDIT : Updated it with Volume 16 as well.)
Even though it looks like less Secchan, his music is influenced a lot by the Beatles.

Volume 28
Featured Artist: Flower Companyz
Featured single: Kono mune no naka dake (In this chest only)
Read more... )

Volume 29
- No Scan -

Volume 30
Featured Artist: Beatles
Featured song:  Golden Slumbers
Read more... )

Volume 31
Featured Artist: Beatles
Featured song:  Something
Read more... )

Volume 32
Featured Artist: Beatles
Featured song:  The end
Read more... )

Volume 33
Featured Artist: Beatles
Featured song:  Let it be
Read more... )

Volume 34
-No scan - 

Volume 35
Featured Artist: The Beatles
Featured song:  While my guitar weeps gently
Read more... )

Volume 36
Featured song: Eiga kantoku (Movie director)
Featured Artist: Saito Kazuyoshi
Read more... )

Volume 37
Featured Artist: Howie Day
Featured song: Help! (Cover of the Beatles song)
Read more... )

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I'm not including jwebs in this. Just the few articles I've done for him. Hmm, I need to update Shirota's and Yanagi's. Channaka's is pretty up-to-date. Not in any order yet, what's the point, there's so little? I think I'll make the excuse here that I can say I absolutely haven't translated anything I knew someone else translated.

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Why yes I'm lying to myself that if I get these organized I will somehow do more Ryo translations.
In the unlikely event that this becomes a lot, i'll separate them into K8/NEWS.

Last updated: Sept 30th, 2009.

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The net just died after I typed this whole bloody post up had to do entire post overrr.. T_T

Cool Up Aug, 2009: Nakamura Yuichi

Scan from [ profile] nympholepsia 

Favourite fireworks and why.

Popeye: Nishikido Ryo - Physical Elegance.

Scan from [ profile] jesychan  and [ profile] czajka 

“It’s reassuring to be with (my) senpai [1].
Because I’m extremely shy.”

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So I started out just looking up the books, then ended up typing the whole thing out.
There are two sets of footnotes to separate the spoilery stuff from the other...stuff.\
Articulate aren't I?

Nishikido Ryo

Good Evening.
It's Nishikido Ryo.
Recently, I've been doing nothing but reading.
There's no reason for this, but,
I'll list the books I've read this year.
First, Fish Story [1]
I read this on an plane.
It's packed with wonderful stories.
I thought I'd go see the movie but, I couldn't readily go, even now I still haven't.
Let's see it soon.
Next is Kokuhaku [2]
This was interesting [B] ne.
This is a deviation from the (usual) Honya Taishou [A]
My way of speaking may be bad, but,
I really thought this was an extremely dark book.
I continued on to read Shoujo [3] in one go.
Next I read Golden Slumbers [4]
I didn't know the song myself but,
I was on location for work at the time I was reading it,
(If) I were (to) listen to Abby Road as I read, the more I could get into the story.
I told a writer that was on set at that time,
and a few days later, that writer-san that i worked with, gave me the book and the CD.
The result
I love Golden Slumbers.
I listened as I read.
At the times I couldn't read, I listened to Abby Road.
The Beatles Albums (I had owned) were the  White Album and the 1 Album and  [C] released so many years before, but Abby Road is what (got me into them).

By the way, my three favourite are:
black bird
eleanor rigby

Saa, next was Paradox 13 [5]
This was also interesting [B] but at the same time a little scary.
What I'm reading right now is Akunin [6]
So far, the first half seemingly interesting  scent is punpun [D].
Everyone let's read once in a while.
it's interesting ne.
(Lastly, ) I'm appearing in a drama.
Everyone, watch ne.

spoilers )


May. 22nd, 2009 07:49 am
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I don't think I'll be on much today or this weekend.
Livejournal is sucking at sending me comment nots.

Here have some fail.

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Thanks to [ profile] engwanoviel for helping me with this.
Scan from Vendy

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Some notes:
- Yosha! Hai Then they're about to say "cheese".
- Dog-faced? Apparently not insulting in Japan.
- And it's more like they're "trying to make the dog fall" in that picture.

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TV Guide
Ryo has a corner in TV guide called Music Lover. Although it's a weekly magazine only three of K8's members are published each week, there's some sort of rota.  I'll edit in the dates later. For now these are the ones I have, if I get more I'll add them to this post.
All of these are thanks to [ profile] katherinekate  <3<3<3
I'm missing 2, 7, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 23, 24 (thanks to [ profile] nico26  and [profile] dr_p  ) . It's currently at 27 so I've got 17 here, I figured that's a good enough point to post. If you have scans of the missing ones, PLEASE PLEASE pass them on!

Volume 1
Read more... )

Volume 2
Featured Artist: Alicia Keys
Featured song: No one

Volume 3
Read more... )

Volume 4
Read more... )

Volume 5
Read more... )

Volume 6
Read more... )

Volume 7
Featured Artist: Saito Kazuyoshi
Featured Song: Very very strong love.

Volume 8
Read more... )

Volume 10
Featured Artist:  Someone's Winter song
Featured Song: Saito Kazuyoshi

Volume 11
Featured Artist: Beyonce
Featured Song: Irreplaceable (Lyrics - Englsh)
Featured Album: B'day

Volume 12
Read more... )

Volume 13
Read more... )

Volume 14
Read more... )

Volume 15
Featured Artist: Saito Kazuyoshi
Featured Song: Utautai no ballad

Volume 16
Featured Artist: Five
Featured Song: 

Volume 17
Read more... )

Volume 18
Read more... )
It’s a song from more than ten years ago but, listening to it now, it’s still cool.
Elephant Kashimashi’s Miyamoto Hiroshi-san is good.
Saitou Kazuyoshi is good.
Tortoise Matsumoto-san is good.
… or rather (all of) the old guys from this period (laugh)
“Dandy men” are good ne.
I love musicians from this period.
If I could become such a 40 year old too.

Volume 19
Read more... )

Volume 20
Read more... )

Volume 21
Read more... )

Volume 22
Read more... )

Volume 23
Read more... )

Volume 24
Read more... )

Volume 25
Read more... )
Volume 26
Read more... )

Volume 27
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First off meikan means directory.
Scans from [ profile] k8rgy !

Ryochan )

ee hito ya )


On the other hand that Raimondo guy's was the pendant his mom gave him saying his dead father always wore it.
And Yoko also stated he didn't like "fans that called".  (oh and YamaP also said fans that make prank calls).

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Songs May 2009

This is becoming my favourite album! )
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Ryo was a sk8rboi and YamaP was a high school student.

Nishikido Ryo

(Scan from [ profile] jesychan cleaned by [ profile] engwanoviel )

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Yamashita Tomohisa

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TV Guide March 13th

Introducing photos form the making of Kanjani’s calendar!
This week it’s Nishikido’s mischievous kid’s grin!
Next week a new series will begin.
Extremely rare photos!
Definitely look forward to it!

Credit: Vendy

Sounds like he still wets the bed )

This is pretty old, started it a long time ago but the ending (not the photo descriptions) confused me since it seems to be dialog but only half of it is in speech quotes.

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Basically an article where Ryo score himself for different aspects of his life for the year 2008. It turned out to be harder than it looks.

January Wink Up, Kanjani 8 section
How many points did you get?

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cut for emo )

K8 babble
413 man? I guess it's goroawase? That means it's worned-out man? or rude man? 413 can also mean white peach. That would be my favourite. Or 七三 (parting your hair in a 7:3 ratio). Or something entirely different! Someone explain it to me?

Half down? Maybe Ryo meant Half owned. I wonder who he stole the other half  from?
Oh shut up.

Tiny batch

Mar. 7th, 2009 06:58 pm
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Ryo's page from the 2009-2010 Calendar
(Scan from Vendy)

Purely )

Excerpt from Moyjo March NEWS section.
(Scan from watchful21)

I was fortunate to have many people celebrate my birthday )


Random KAT-TUN clipping.
Potato April, 2009
(scan from x_misia_x)

And now the gistiest of this batchWhat if KAT-TUn were in clubs? )

Sorry for spamming.
In other news, I've been practically wetting myself with excitement over Final Fantasy Dissidia.
I've been watching YT vids and I got really (I mean pathetically) excited when I understood what Sephiroth was saying ( "You don't know anything").

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I was in a really bad mood today, now, I'm not.

Café de NEWS
Duet March, 2009

Read more...or not..whatever )
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Scan from Vendy.

Gist Trans.
Basically Kanjani 8  Ryo has to answer “ari” or “nashi” which is kinda like answering Aye or Nay. Literally, it’s probably closer to “there is” or “there isn’t”, but, I’m going with Aye/Nay :P

Ryo has probably been baking cakes at home )
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Firstly, from [ profile] fila_desu

Yanagi's new stage play, Table manners started yesterday!
It looks kinda interesting. He gets really unusual stage work.

two more )

Yellow Ranger: 2009-02:05
pic: 0
Taken form here

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