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Let's start with DBA while I can remember any of it.

So last week, Igarashi messed up and the supervisor told Dai-chan he needed to study. So they went off to some place to make soup in small vats. He was really nice how much fail this was, it was pretty much three minutes or so of sweat.
My favourite part would be Igarashi punishing and saying "Oi! Yuichi! Seto! Araki! What are you trying to do?"
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Special Unit finalists!!!
You can see the videos of them here.
You can vote too!!
I was leaning towards 前田 until I saw Park Jaehyun.

cap from [ profile] fila_desu 

My sister on Japanese TV )

This week, Araki and tomo came.
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My sister and I were the only ones speaking any English (well I said some stuff in Japanese but her system can't read Japanese text at all)
So we were pretty happy about this:
(10:19) 柳下 大: YSE!!!
(10:19) 柳下 大: YESYES!!!!

Edit: Tilmon's pix
rebirth's pix

last week's if you missed it.
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Maybe you've already noticed it, but two days ago, the D-Auditions Youtube thingy was updated as well as the d-boys website.

CLICK HERE to vote

1999 T_T

Do you have any favourites this year?
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Old news, but, I never talked about the results of D-Audition 2008

Last year, my pick got into D-boys, this time my pick got FIRST PLACE.

From left to right:
1st Runner-up, Nishii Yukito (aka No. 8)
Winner (GranPrix), Yamada Yusuke (No. 13)
2nd Runner-up, Mitsuya Ryo (No. 15)

WE should skip all the hoopla and just let me pick the next time.

Secondly, D-boys must be doing well, there's a few sites that I check for rumours etc, and there's this one that usually has private purikura much to my surprise, D-boys were there. Makki, Tomo and Setomaru.
Wasn't that a little quick? Before the end of the day, it was up!
Aren't you truly famous when they're arsed to steal your private photos?

Then I saw Seto and this morning I saw this one. CLICK HERE.
I wonder when it was taken. Anyway, congrats Seto, and congrats on landing the lead in koizora, THE DRAMA.
Which I will not be watching,

I think both Shirota and Seto are doing REALLY well and are probably the most popular in D-boys right now.

Speaking of things I'm not watching, Last friends is over. (BTW, That same site that mentioned that last friends should be getting a movie?)
Here's the moral of last friends:

EDIT: I don't really know my neighbours, but, yesterday they seemed infinitely more interesting when I thought they were witches and singing ritual songs while beating drums with their hands...I tried my best to make out the words. They took a break and restarted and it irked me that I couldn't make out what the hell they were saying, so I went up the wall. I listened for a while and then I head "I'm a cowboy" as part of the chorus. WTF. Now, I just think they're weird.

EDIT2: The beating and wailing has continued.
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So I was not looking forward  to D-stage at all. Until rehearsals started lol
Not true! It started when zukki first posted the sample keitai strap.

But, on to more pleasant things!
Look at the cute little kids they have lined up for the audition!
Number 6 is soooooooooooo adorable. Number 4 too. They're all so nervous in their videos.
I like number 13 best (probably b/c he's the oldest! (I'm having flashbacks to last year XD  )
12 and 14 are nice too.
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i like mikami cuz he's old he's my first choice
kitamen/hokumen, tsukamoto, ono and yamaguchi are dressed like hosts but i like them
matsumoto looks like a salaryman (HE ALSO LOOKS VERY FAMILIAR, maybe he just looks like someone who might have been possesed by an imajin or killed by a orphenoch) (2nd choice)
kato/katou reminds me of takuya a little bit
takeda might be pulling a wada
kamii ...ii data
kobayashi is so young *pinches cheeks*
kishino kinda reminds me of kimeru, but, bigger
minami and usui(??) are ok
fukamachi, sweetie, did you raid yuuichi's closet?

sorry for posting twice, blame in on my "yuuichi's going to be on another kamen rider" joy


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