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I did this post on March 17th! But didn't post it because I was worried
that I'd misconvey it. But, what good is it sitting in a private post?


WAE is made up the initials of the three essential components that make up the project.
WAE can be said to be the circle that connects the victims (of the earthquake to the company).
The name comes from the thoughts/feelings of the employees and talent attached to the company.

The three ways that WAE will be showing their support:
1. Company-wide charity auction
2. Donations collected by the agency
3. Fund-raising by the artists.

We're currently collecting donations and items to auction.
Ideas can be sent to: info@watanabe-ent.com

Endo Yuuya

We want to send cheers to bring smiles to the face of the affected. For now that's all we can do.
To be honest, we can't laugh
It hurts our (hearts), it feels like we'll burst open.
But, I think a little at a time we can bring heartfelt smiles.

Yanagi Koutarou

It's small but, let's make it a day where you can smile soon.

Wada Masato

We have... what this sort of earthquake can't make shake, we have a strong faith.
We won't forget... as this quietly finishes, to bring heartfelt smiles.
A lot of aid... a lot of goods...
Together with those, we will join our hands to yours and deliver dreams and hope.
Ganbare, Japan!!

(Note. This far more eloquent in Japanese. Sorry Wada!)

Suzuki Hiroki


(Just like that in English <3 )

Igarashi Shunji

Right now, as the (news) announcement increase, so does the number of victims.
I think as with me, everyone's experiencing varous emotions; pain, sorrow, anger.
But, at a time like this, we must co-operate, we must not stop, I want (you) to move forward with (your) heads up.
Of course, I must must also do the same.
The future can be (molded) by our own hands as much as we can.
Happiness can be grasped with our own hands. For this reason, for now, we will aim for your smiles.

Araki Hirofumi

For this project, what is it that *I* can do?
I think for myself as an actor, I can use what is necessary for me to survive, like water or air, that's entertainment.

(Note: I think I made him sound flaky but the gist is that this what keeps him going so he's going to use what he can )

Read more... )

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Sorry!! A lot of this is phrased weirdly.

Endo Yuuya.

2009-11-25: Haha nabe [0]

Read more... )

Yuichi Nakamura

2009-11-21: I'm going to level up!

Read more... )

2009-11-23: I'm getting a treatment at the beauty salon.

Read more... )

2009-11-25: Are you up? [0]

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2009-11-25: Oh no! Oh no! [0]

Read more... )

2009-11-26: It's Koshonin 2's Miura.

Read more... )

2009-11-27: It's fun.

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2009-11-29: Team Puzzle!!

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Endo Yuuya

2009-11-12: WITH Shirota Yu [0]

Read more... )

[0] WITH written in English

2009-11-16: Kouyasai [0]

Strange )

2009-11-16: Kouyasai 2

Yanagi Kotaro

2009-11-12 It's finally here.

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Before we move back the present day:

Summary: Shirota is Shirota, he wears more make-up than me and likes food.
Channaka still wants us to believe he bathes (don't buy it!!), his second to last bday cake was pretty effin' awesome.
Oh yeah Endo's sort of....

Endo Yuuya

2009-10-15: Mail of encouragement
pic: 0

this guy )

Shirota Yuu

2009-10-14: Hello, It's Shirota.
pic: 1

more red eye shadow )

2009-10-15: There's no way I can choose
pic: 1

today's menu )

Nakamura Yuichi

2009-10-13: I (won't be) defeated
pic: 1

Yuichi admits he's too tired to bathe )
2009-10-14: Bath
pic: 1

Yuichi has two days worth of baths )

2009-10-15: Last mail 2 begins!!
pic: 0 <- How suspicious

Yuichi's too tired to pretend he had a bath )--------------------------

All really gisty, esp Endo's.
And now I will wait for Channaka to post pictures of Spica and/or Zero. I haven't listened to the last radio show as yet, but, someone on 2chan said he was going abroad for work.
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 Sorry about spamming you today.
Usui and Seto talked about Yuichi's birthday... and Makita... And since U1 pwns at knowing what fans want, he updates again with two pictures that don't scare us.
I've decided not to translate yoroshiku :P

Usui Masahiro

so effin' cute )

Seto Koji
Seto is good for something )

Suzuki Hiroki
productive zukki )

Makita Tetsuya

Yuichi Nakamura
I was so happy I could have cried )

Endo also wished Yuichi a Happy Birthday.
(優一誕生日おめでとさん☆ )

Miki-shachou didn't post about his birthday but his last mail 2 press thingy where he got his third surprise bday cake.

Yanagi didn't post about Yuichi at all. However he did write this entry and then write it back entirely in Engrish

Meanwhile Araki is being a whiny girl.

I almost went back and did his past birthday entries but I refrained, just like Yuichi and his happy!tears.
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 Another one for you to blame fila for.

Oh yeah when you two were saying "I'll pretend this was yesterday", this was yesterday... at that time. I should go to bed.
But first. Click here.
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I'm running out of time for today and since [profile] fila_desu  put me in a Endo mood. 

2006-10-27: Kamisama to ore (God and me).
pic: none needed


This is out of the blue, but, everyone, do you believe in God?
I think to each his own, but, I believe in God!
Actually there are (lots of) things I pray to God for.
"Please let me pass this audition!"
"Please let me be good at tomorrow's job!"
"Please let my family be happy!"
"Please let there be no wars!"
There are so many things that I clasp my hands and ask for.
Occasionally, there were also times when (I have felt) that God had forgotten me.
But I think those were the times that I hadn't done my part and given it my all.
It's effort, it's useless unless you apply all your effort!
I think it's only after you satisfy this condition, you can negotiate with God.
But in the end, that's only my opinion right?

From here on, I'll update this blog with my thoughts.
There might be some who thought, "What's this guy thinking?"
However, I want you to get to know me so I don't tell lies.
And yet, it you were to say to me, "What's t his guy thinking?", I'd totally cry.
But, I'll do my best.
Because I want you to know that "Me" = Endo Yuuya.
God... please bring happiness to those that read my blog. ☆

[X] I hope I didn't screw this one up in any way!

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Yuichi-centric post (aside from Yuuyan going batshit crazy).. Let's see.... Yuichi and Igarashi had a talkshow event, Yuichi and a whale, Shunchan can't spell, Yuichi talks to ficitional characters.

☆Nakamura Yuichi ☆

07-26 )

07-29 )

07-29: 2 )

07-30 )

07-30: 2 )

07-30: 3 )

07-31 )

07-31: 2 )

07-31: The one you should read :P )

☆ Igarashi Shunji ☆

Blue Whale and U1 )

☆ Yanagi Koutaro ☆

The one Stefy talked about )

☆ Endo Yuya ☆

I'm the cat burglar? )

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Before we start, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Learn it, love it, use it even.

Shirota x 2 )

Endo x 1 )

Yanagi x 1 )

Channaka )
[Note from ore-chan: Please, please please don't expect your future  Japanese boyfriends to ever tell you these sort of things. I've read through all of the D-boys entries and I was going to translate them all but got side-tracked by what could only be called porn and really none of them are like this. Tomo's entries are always sweet but really nothing like this. I'm pretty sure he spent a lot of time thinking this out. Shirota's entry last year was more reflective, but if you know Shirota and know that kakushigei was live, then you know he didn't sleep very much last night and he had his whole I feel so guilty that I'm so blessed post about a week ago. ]

EDIT: Because I need to semi-flail publicly, Handa Kento along with Shirota, will be two of the new hosts for All night nippon. WEEEE.
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The brat )

Endo )

Speaking of Endo, I think Stefy is right.
First "D-boys Rookie"
Then the orange
And now Team Rhythmic Gymnastics

NEW D-boys photobook. Squee.


Nov. 24th, 2008 01:22 pm
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I already had a Shirota post today so I can push his translations back a wee bit longer.
It's Yanagi, so the humour is hard to put over and it's Yanagi so there's mentions of breasts and UFOs. It's Yanagi
On the other hand, then there's Endo.

Yanagi Koutarou
oppai )

nora )

these two )

Come )

Endo Yuuya

Manhattan Portage )

these two )

So pretty )

☆ I had forgotten that Endo was a cat person (like me ^_^ )
Bad brains. Are you against them too? lol Whatever, I love Endo

I think Katou Kazuki said that he's also doing a talkshow event but I've forgotten the details.

Caved and got a twitter. Who wants to add me?
*puppy dog eyes*

Sorry, I've probably already added you :/
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Dear Fandom Gods,
Thank you. Yesterday was the best day ever. Yoko Drama. Enyana. Endou is worried about Yanagi. Yanagi's darling? And best of all Kaji may have a future as a BL mangaka.

Yanagi Koutarou

tomorrow )

weee )

Endou Yuuya

I shouldn't be this happy about yanagi being sick )

Kaji Masaki

The reality is painful )


oh the memories )

Guess who kaji's in love with )

lol [livejournal.com profile] wonderlandkura see? I was my least literal with these.

Yesterday, when she and I were chatting, we both (randomly) started talking about Kaji at the same time. XD

Will post more details about the shirota bday project at [livejournal.com profile] yuu_shirota tomorrow~i


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