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Before we move back the present day:

Summary: Shirota is Shirota, he wears more make-up than me and likes food.
Channaka still wants us to believe he bathes (don't buy it!!), his second to last bday cake was pretty effin' awesome.
Oh yeah Endo's sort of....

Endo Yuuya

2009-10-15: Mail of encouragement
pic: 0

this guy )

Shirota Yuu

2009-10-14: Hello, It's Shirota.
pic: 1
more red eye shadow )

2009-10-15: There's no way I can choose
pic: 1
today's menu )

Nakamura Yuichi

2009-10-13: I (won't be) defeated
pic: 1

Yuichi admits he's too tired to bathe )
2009-10-14: Bath
pic: 1

Yuichi has two days worth of baths )

2009-10-15: Last mail 2 begins!!
pic: 0 <- How suspicious

Yuichi's too tired to pretend he had a bath )--------------------------

All really gisty, esp Endo's.
And now I will wait for Channaka to post pictures of Spica and/or Zero. I haven't listened to the last radio show as yet, but, someone on 2chan said he was going abroad for work.
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The brat )

Endo )

Speaking of Endo, I think Stefy is right.
First "D-boys Rookie"
Then the orange
And now Team Rhythmic Gymnastics

NEW D-boys photobook. Squee.


Nov. 24th, 2008 01:22 pm
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I already had a Shirota post today so I can push his translations back a wee bit longer.
It's Yanagi, so the humour is hard to put over and it's Yanagi so there's mentions of breasts and UFOs. It's Yanagi
On the other hand, then there's Endo.

Yanagi Koutarou
oppai )

nora )

these two )

Come )

Endo Yuuya

Manhattan Portage )

these two )

So pretty )

☆ I had forgotten that Endo was a cat person (like me ^_^ )
Bad brains. Are you against them too? lol Whatever, I love Endo

I think Katou Kazuki said that he's also doing a talkshow event but I've forgotten the details.

Caved and got a twitter. Who wants to add me?
*puppy dog eyes*

Sorry, I've probably already added you :/
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Yeah, I know I'm late on this.
Summary: Yanagi is his usual weird self, "Manager A" goes around raping everyone's blogs.
No real translations, except maybe the weird ones and a bunch of pictures you would have seen anyway.
Useless post XD Pictures not in time order!

BBQ )Golfing Time!

Fore! )

My favourite pic:

Wada finds it harder to stand up straight these days.

Things that would happen in my dream house )


Back in Gotham )
Seriously, Shirota has been looking really really good lately, I can't help but think how good he'd look with dim lighting and a few drinks in me. I would definitely let him bite me or more and then call it sekuhara.

Of course there's people I'd like to sexually harass. Men in formal wear are somewhere on that list.

Read more... ) Edit one:
I should mention those are from the D-radio summer end party.

Edit Two: Glitter Text Generator
Glitter Text Generator

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Dear Fandom Gods,
Thank you. Yesterday was the best day ever. Yoko Drama. Enyana. Endou is worried about Yanagi. Yanagi's darling? And best of all Kaji may have a future as a BL mangaka.

Yanagi Koutarou

tomorrow )

weee )

Endou Yuuya

I shouldn't be this happy about yanagi being sick )

Kaji Masaki

The reality is painful )


oh the memories )

Guess who kaji's in love with )

lol [ profile] wonderlandkura see? I was my least literal with these.

Yesterday, when she and I were chatting, we both (randomly) started talking about Kaji at the same time. XD

Will post more details about the shirota bday project at [ profile] yuu_shirota tomorrow~i


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