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Stolen from Jodyn...and the Chinese.

Finally saw the Koujinen clip, where everyone thinks Shirota is made of fail.

My favourite part was where they said Shirota was the "polar opposite" of his image (正反対)
which can be read as "bipolar"
Read more... )Shirota; Gourmet Reporter?
Shirota and Zukki grab something to eat.
Shirota: "First the soup" *sips*
THENRead more... )This clip was really worth watching, it shows bits from the horror movie, the drama thingy with Ishihara Satomi where we get to see DV!Shirota.

I suppose EVERYONE knows about George's girlfriend, or ex or whatever was sentenced last week. READ MORE HERE.
It's not a bad sentence as she's not going to jail unless they catch her doing something bad. Hopefully George's sentence isn't so bad either as they didn't even find him with any of the stuff in his possession.
She says she might go back to her studies, maa, I wish her luck. She was trying for a singing career before. You can preview this under the cut. Read more... )

RnK Ep 7
Oh, I have a question, I totally understood the bit about the para-para dance and the goblin mask since I've seen the mask before. HOWEVER, the NureSenbei (wet rice cracker) bit loses me. While no one would want a soggy cracker, this is something people in Japan seem to want to eat. (Maybe it's like natto, you either hate it or you love it?) I dunno, someone explain the insult to me.
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Ok, I've got a bunch of stuff to talk about, but, I've been way toooo busy. So probably people on my f-list haved posted about it and I missed it.
I'll post again on Sunday? lol hopefully.

lol I doubt I can remember all the things I wanted to babble about.

So Jun and Kei finally had their "major debut" as Alma.
Dear Tomato-san, NO NO NO. )

I've had such a hard time picturing that Ryo and Shirota could be friends.
Well jojo, I still do.
The photo JE/WE don't want you to see. )
ShiroJun Eduardo, some druggie, Jin, Shunpei, Shinjo!Yuu Esteban, 鶏がら!Ryo >_>

Let's use this to transition to D-boys

Read more... )

Miki took Yuuichi to NY.
I was pretty upset about this. As I had planned to take Yuuichi to NY, if he behaved.
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So for those of you that missed it. This was what Shirota Yuu and George wore last year (left)
And We have Shirota Jun on the right

This is Shirota Jun's most recent blog entry:
Help name this. )

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Shirota Blog

Oct 28 ) 

Shirota Jun

so cute )

Batista Blog

By zukki )

#7 by shirotan )

George Miyao

food )
Ishihara Satomi

just a partial trans )
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Before we start, lol of the day.
According to this site, there's a rumour on the net that this is the older brother of Yabu Kouta (from JE).

lol whut?
Funny to me.

Shirota Yuu

Somehow between wanting to tie up & ass-r@pe certain other people and liking Shinjo I had forgotten that Shirota was kinda hot.
Tamoto's birthday, shiniaosomething private screening , gratuitous English phrases.


George Miyao

game on )

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Summary. Shirota goes to Okinawa with George and Ryo, gets sunburn (but doesn't tan???), I'm sure they enjoyed lots of crabs and other seafood >_>
George fanboys, Shirota fanboys, the two of them get matching phone charms and giggle about it. How cute.
Esteban gets home, pulls on his favourite plaid pants and hangs with Rina.. I mean Lina who like my younger sister likes to make men crossdress.

Then I flail. A lot.
NEWS DVD!!!!111one and I'm not even a fan. Almost became an Arashi fan with the words "That's normal for us in Arashi" though.
Then I try to see how many times I can say Yuuichi before you de-friend me whilst squealing.
You might want to spare me the shame by just not reading this post.


Shirota Yuu
Read more... )


George Miyao

George went to Hokkaido as part of the Tabipoke tennis team.
Skimming through his entries, he made it through the first round of singles and lost in the second.
He also took part in the doubles and they lost in the first round. But, it's ok because he has pikapika (shiny) sneakers and that's important. -_-
Read more... )

Nishikido )


Shirota Jun

JE fans are keeping shit from me -_- )

Well then, D-boys go to the beach together. Yuuichi, Zukki, Adachi, Wada. Araki's 1/4 vampire so he can't take that much sunlight, but, WHY ISN'T KAJI THERE?! Why am I not in the middle of this?

*flails* )
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D-boys appeared on NepLeague (yeah yeah old news, REVIEW HERE) and Miki pimps. So does Zukki, Igarashi admits that he's been "peeping" at Shirotan and gets his revenge for the ball on ball action, Tomo is legal \:D/, Kaji is surprised, Channaka is cute, Jun loves his family <3 and George's b-day entry and Gal Sone get booted from this entry. Yanagi's posts are booted to a separate post while he reflects on his behaviour. Changed my mind.. kinda XD
Usui gains tons of points in my book for mentioning Shirota's graduation which is the first sign that he's probably still with WE. Sorry that "D-boys hugged him and cried" just didn't cut it for me nor that he was dropped from the show for Osaka performances.

D-boys & Miki

Watanabe Miki aka our ruler

Suzuki Hiroki aka Zukki

Nakamura Yuuichi aka Channaka

Igarashi Shunji aka Nya aka Yufune

Kaji Masaki aka ji-ka

Yanagi Koutarou aka Yanako

Yanagishita Tomo aka Shimo


Shirota Jun aka Eduardo (via his and Kei's Alma blog)

<3 )

George Miyao

Graduation Stuff

Since Usui mentioned Shirota's grad, he got included in this batch. It was really weird as there's this Japanese fan blog that I read and the first she knew of the graduation was from reading this entry.
She pretty much expressed the same sentiments as foreign fans, "he was one of the first members", "great sense of loss" and my favourite "who will keep Yanagi in check?"
Even on mixi, it was strange to see that there were the same reactions as in our communities. Although, the report we got was better than the one that I saw on 2chan. lol

Usui Masahiro

pedobait )
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George Miyao: The entries with Shirota in them.

Igarashi Shunji

Yanagishita Tomo

Makita Tetsuya

Kumai Kouhei


Speaking of Shop photos
Here's a preview of Shirota's May set stolen from highwayorange on Y!Auctions
Shop )

you Spanish people need to tell me what "mola" means!
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Some wonderful person will have to be nice to me and make a LJ feed for THIS blog.
[profile] george_style  thanks to [info]lizstarsky

George Miyao
2008-01-15: Accessory!!
Pic: 1, Yes and I stole it

Good Evening!!
I scored new accessories!!
On the left, there's a pink gold horse shoe earring!!
This shape is said to bring good fortune!!
I received this from an important person!!
Thank you for remembering what I wanted ☆
I'm really happy!! [1]
On the right, from the person that I refer to a lot, Jun the designer for Janji, I received a ring!!
Deepest thanks. ☆ I'll take good care of them ☆

Pic here )

[1] no shit. I know I completely disregard all the grammar rules, but, someone, please go to Japan and teach this guy about full stops.
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Do not mistake this guy for my George from Mebius (aka new!Tezuka), well, you can't once you look at him.
Anyways, post one features Shirota Jun and post 2 features Yuu.

A post )

Post 2 )


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