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Yesterday, I was considering making a journal for k-pop related things since I wanted to make more k-pop friends, or at least friends that like bananas. But after talking to [ profile] kekemy and [ profile] vanilla_ichigo I feel like I should just stick here since it feels like my home... So blame them for this post.
This is my third post in three days, first JE then D-boys hmmm... I wonder what's left to talk about?

Anyway today is the free K-pop concert and I'm angry I cant go.
I hate the world.
Too much hate?
Fine I'll just hate everyone in NY.
Still too much hate?
Fine I'll just hate whoever picked October instead of August when I could have gone.

And now this awesomely stolen from tumblr picture which makes my hate grow:

And to make it even worse there's the SM town concert in a little bit and I doubt that they'll go back to Korea then come back to NY.

I never got to see Shirota in D-stage and DBSK as a group, or even NEWS with YamaP and Ryo lol (ok that's not funny)
But maybe one day I'll go see SHINee before Jjong leaves. Maybe.
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So you already know how work's been. It's just getting worse. vI feel bad complaining but bear with me?
ok, whatever. Let's talk about twitter life instead :D

First Kuroki Meisa

Then today for most of the day Heechul from Suju was trending at #1. Because he was drawing on his iPhone. He's still at number 2 right now. (Edit: My sister just pointed out he's back at one! lol)

The tweet before my tweet to my sister was the one from arama about what male celebs gay wouldn't sleep with. Now most of those are JE.
What happens with these polls are someone will top the hated poll and the loved poll, like Erika-sama. It's that or they were not polling gay men. Isn't the whole jyanni-kei thing start with gay roots. Too lazy to google.

I was thoroughly convincedRead more... )

ETA: Don't forget tomorrow!! Seto & baby monkey!!


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