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Thanks to [ profile] yukipearlz for pointing this out. I had guessed that Shirota was only going to appear in flashbacks for the Koshonin SP.

Entry 1 )

Entry 2 )

I really liked Koshonin although there were some parts that I thought could have been better if they had a bigger budget.
Somehow doing these I felt pretty excited about seeing it.
Wow, it's been a year  for me here.

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Taken from the Koshonin Blog.
*is pleading yet again for someone to make me a feed*

Before you click on the cut, let me tell you that the pictures are huge!
Also I have a tonnnnnnnnnnn to do today so I'm aiming at getting the meaning over and not sticking to their phrasing.

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2008-01-17: Today was...

the first round of shuzai [1] for Winkup for the new year ☆
Already, it's reached one year that I've been working with the staff. [2]
It's always fun ♪
Today, we were shooting out in the cold, however, everyone joked around while braving the weather. [3]
Iya... Doing something for a long time, continuously, is nice ne.
After this, I think I want to go do important things ☆ [4]

[1] shuzai as I've said too many time before means doing interviews, shoots, etc for magazines.
[2] Shirota has had a monthly column in WinkUp since last January.
[3] I think it's supposed to be joked about the cold.
[4] Like pick up chicks at clubs... ^^

I wasn't going to do this one today, but, it's just to let you know I put up the download link for Episode 2 of Koshonin in this post.

My head hurts. One more hour of work for today. Did I mention my head hurts like hell?

EDIT: Tried to post
"Error updating journal: Client error: This journal is temporarily in read-only mode. Try again in a couple minutes."
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I'm doing this really REALLY REALLY quick, ok?
I'll just update this post with the download links when I get them.

EDIT: Once again, I missed this!

Reiko was approached by a male reporter called Kudou. [0]
He's checking up on the connection between Reiko and Mariya.
Mariya has commented heinous murders without discrimination at the age of 19.
What's common between the two, is that they are both parentless.
Reiko criticizes Mariya for calmly pointing this out.
Reiko lost her father, a policeman, at the age of 5.

[0] Or something like that


Torrent Download for Episode 2
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EDIT: Character Synopsis.
"Five years prior, Mariya Kyousuke was arrested for a string of murders (serial murders). At that time, it was Usagi Reiko who was working for the juvenile division that arrested him. From then on, once a week, she visits him. It was Reiko herself that imposes these visits.
[When Reiko told the dying Mariya that she would no longer visit him. Mariya repented for the crimes and cried while pleading for his life, until Reiko said she wouldn't let him die.]
There appears to be a strange bond between these two."

I'm not sure about the bit in brackets.


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