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I did this post on March 17th! But didn't post it because I was worried
that I'd misconvey it. But, what good is it sitting in a private post?


WAE is made up the initials of the three essential components that make up the project.
WAE can be said to be the circle that connects the victims (of the earthquake to the company).
The name comes from the thoughts/feelings of the employees and talent attached to the company.

The three ways that WAE will be showing their support:
1. Company-wide charity auction
2. Donations collected by the agency
3. Fund-raising by the artists.

We're currently collecting donations and items to auction.
Ideas can be sent to: info@watanabe-ent.com

Endo Yuuya

We want to send cheers to bring smiles to the face of the affected. For now that's all we can do.
To be honest, we can't laugh
It hurts our (hearts), it feels like we'll burst open.
But, I think a little at a time we can bring heartfelt smiles.

Yanagi Koutarou

It's small but, let's make it a day where you can smile soon.

Wada Masato

We have... what this sort of earthquake can't make shake, we have a strong faith.
We won't forget... as this quietly finishes, to bring heartfelt smiles.
A lot of aid... a lot of goods...
Together with those, we will join our hands to yours and deliver dreams and hope.
Ganbare, Japan!!

(Note. This far more eloquent in Japanese. Sorry Wada!)

Suzuki Hiroki


(Just like that in English <3 )

Igarashi Shunji

Right now, as the (news) announcement increase, so does the number of victims.
I think as with me, everyone's experiencing varous emotions; pain, sorrow, anger.
But, at a time like this, we must co-operate, we must not stop, I want (you) to move forward with (your) heads up.
Of course, I must must also do the same.
The future can be (molded) by our own hands as much as we can.
Happiness can be grasped with our own hands. For this reason, for now, we will aim for your smiles.

Araki Hirofumi

For this project, what is it that *I* can do?
I think for myself as an actor, I can use what is necessary for me to survive, like water or air, that's entertainment.

(Note: I think I made him sound flaky but the gist is that this what keeps him going so he's going to use what he can )

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 Sorry about spamming you today.
Usui and Seto talked about Yuichi's birthday... and Makita... And since U1 pwns at knowing what fans want, he updates again with two pictures that don't scare us.
I've decided not to translate yoroshiku :P

Usui Masahiro

so effin' cute )

Seto Koji
Seto is good for something )

Suzuki Hiroki
productive zukki )

Makita Tetsuya

Yuichi Nakamura
I was so happy I could have cried )

Endo also wished Yuichi a Happy Birthday.
(優一誕生日おめでとさん☆ )

Miki-shachou didn't post about his birthday but his last mail 2 press thingy where he got his third surprise bday cake.

Yanagi didn't post about Yuichi at all. However he did write this entry and then write it back entirely in Engrish

Meanwhile Araki is being a whiny girl.

I almost went back and did his past birthday entries but I refrained, just like Yuichi and his happy!tears.
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 Another NatsoDoko centric post XD

Let's see, even though Shirota and Yuichi have more recent posts, I cut off at these points because there were posts related to them.
Highlights? Shirota thinks Wada-ojisan is sucking the youth out of everyone,  FUTATSU SPOILERS, Miki-sama is awesome but still a bit of a creepy fangirl who has ~power~ over little boys, and Mikami is rating D-boys' smiles.

Shirota Yu aka the Latin Samurai
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Igarashi Shunji
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Miki Watanabe
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Nakamura Masaya
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Nakamura Yuichi
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Takahashi Ryuki
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Makita Tetsuya
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Mikami has a "Smile" series. #5 is Yanagi.... who kinda looks like a ....

Mikami Masashi
Read more... )Adachi is killing me x 3.
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George Miyao: The entries with Shirota in them.

Igarashi Shunji

Yanagishita Tomo

Makita Tetsuya

Kumai Kouhei


Speaking of Shop photos
Here's a preview of Shirota's May set stolen from highwayorange on Y!Auctions
Shop )

you Spanish people need to tell me what "mola" means!
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Nakamura Masaya


Makita Tetsuya


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