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 Another NatsoDoko centric post XD

Let's see, even though Shirota and Yuichi have more recent posts, I cut off at these points because there were posts related to them.
Highlights? Shirota thinks Wada-ojisan is sucking the youth out of everyone,  FUTATSU SPOILERS, Miki-sama is awesome but still a bit of a creepy fangirl who has ~power~ over little boys, and Mikami is rating D-boys' smiles.

Shirota Yu aka the Latin Samurai
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Igarashi Shunji
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Miki Watanabe
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Nakamura Masaya
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Nakamura Yuichi
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Takahashi Ryuki
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Makita Tetsuya
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Mikami has a "Smile" series. #5 is Yanagi.... who kinda looks like a ....

Mikami Masashi
Read more... )Adachi is killing me x 3.

I'm back.

Feb. 24th, 2009 01:44 pm
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Well, sort of. Not at full capacity and there's still stuff for me to sort.
A little miki and Channaka
Tons of whoring.

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Araki the yariman - not a typo )
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This is just a smalll batch, I'll do the latest entry along with Jun's bday entries and the Batista blog soon..

Shirota Yuu

Nov 5th )

Nov 6th )

Miki Watanabe

Team Shirota )

Shaku Yumiko

I can finally stop calling her that nurse from Stand up!!

Scrubs are hot in more than one way )
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Yeah, I know I'm late on this.
Summary: Yanagi is his usual weird self, "Manager A" goes around raping everyone's blogs.
No real translations, except maybe the weird ones and a bunch of pictures you would have seen anyway.
Useless post XD Pictures not in time order!

BBQ )Golfing Time!

Fore! )

My favourite pic:

Wada finds it harder to stand up straight these days.

Things that would happen in my dream house )


Back in Gotham )
Seriously, Shirota has been looking really really good lately, I can't help but think how good he'd look with dim lighting and a few drinks in me. I would definitely let him bite me or more and then call it sekuhara.

Of course there's people I'd like to sexually harass. Men in formal wear are somewhere on that list.

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I should mention those are from the D-radio summer end party.

Edit Two: Glitter Text Generator
Glitter Text Generator

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D-boys appeared on NepLeague (yeah yeah old news, REVIEW HERE) and Miki pimps. So does Zukki, Igarashi admits that he's been "peeping" at Shirotan and gets his revenge for the ball on ball action, Tomo is legal \:D/, Kaji is surprised, Channaka is cute, Jun loves his family <3 and George's b-day entry and Gal Sone get booted from this entry. Yanagi's posts are booted to a separate post while he reflects on his behaviour. Changed my mind.. kinda XD
Usui gains tons of points in my book for mentioning Shirota's graduation which is the first sign that he's probably still with WE. Sorry that "D-boys hugged him and cried" just didn't cut it for me nor that he was dropped from the show for Osaka performances.

D-boys & Miki

Watanabe Miki aka our ruler

Suzuki Hiroki aka Zukki

Nakamura Yuuichi aka Channaka

Igarashi Shunji aka Nya aka Yufune

Kaji Masaki aka ji-ka

Yanagi Koutarou aka Yanako

Yanagishita Tomo aka Shimo


Shirota Jun aka Eduardo (via his and Kei's Alma blog)

<3 )

George Miyao

Graduation Stuff

Since Usui mentioned Shirota's grad, he got included in this batch. It was really weird as there's this Japanese fan blog that I read and the first she knew of the graduation was from reading this entry.
She pretty much expressed the same sentiments as foreign fans, "he was one of the first members", "great sense of loss" and my favourite "who will keep Yanagi in check?"
Even on mixi, it was strange to see that there were the same reactions as in our communities. Although, the report we got was better than the one that I saw on 2chan. lol

Usui Masahiro

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Feb. 26th, 2008 03:21 pm
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This isn't much of a post.
It's just a part of my next round up.
I did it back when I was in NY. I was thinking of translating some.

Miki Watanabe sometimes features D-boys in blog.

Here are all the Shirota ones.
Just links not translations, but, there's some pictures.
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oh adachi sweetie!


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