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 Another NatsoDoko centric post XD

Let's see, even though Shirota and Yuichi have more recent posts, I cut off at these points because there were posts related to them.
Highlights? Shirota thinks Wada-ojisan is sucking the youth out of everyone,  FUTATSU SPOILERS, Miki-sama is awesome but still a bit of a creepy fangirl who has ~power~ over little boys, and Mikami is rating D-boys' smiles.

Shirota Yu aka the Latin Samurai
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Igarashi Shunji
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Miki Watanabe
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Nakamura Masaya
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Nakamura Yuichi
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Takahashi Ryuki
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Makita Tetsuya
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Mikami has a "Smile" series. #5 is Yanagi.... who kinda looks like a ....

Mikami Masashi
Read more... )Adachi is killing me x 3.
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Nakamura Masaya aka NakaSan.

2000-01-01: Santa-san
Pic: 1

Maido~!!  [1]

Iya~! Everyday, I've been giving it my all at practice. [2]

(and so) yesterday I got a present from Santa-san

Thank you, I like the clothes

I was really happy.

Meanwhile, it's already the 30th.

This year is really almost over.

What should I do?

Iya, there's no time.

What can I do?

I want to spend the 31st to the 1st having fun. (^o^)

Everyone, tell me your plans!

Well later ☆

[1] Kansai greeting.
[2] You know, ganbatting

[X] Gist trans
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lol I bet no one is around to read these.
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Clearly Araki and Zukki want me to feel better (I woke up too early). But, I'm not entirely sure what they're saying :/

Shuzai [1]

I did a shuzai for Cast Prix
I want it to come out earlyy (>_<)
Excuse me, Excuse me, I'm... irritated [2] that I can't say as yet~!
For the first time I'm living an actor's life. ☆ (I'm) Super-happy ♪
Seeing it in a bookshop, if you become as happy as I am,  I'll become even happier ☆  [3]

[1] Raise your hand if you don't know what this is.
[2] Impatient, it's supposed to be anxious rather that annoyed.
[3] There's a phrase in here that I don't quite get, "to onaji youni" meaning, in the same way.
I'm assuming he means in the same way that the shuzai made him happy, finding the magazine in a bookstore makes him happy. But, I'd rather know what it really means.

Thank to
[profile] katsuchan

Picture, Araki looking pretty and ultra-thin

[profile] engwanoviel: Stop staring!


Maido~!! (Quotation) [1]

By the way, that night, after a long time, I went drinking with Nakamura Masaya.

We were just playing around, doing foolish things, but, he's a good guy that has atsui enthusiasm [2]

After this, yoroshiku!

Ahh.. Please don't pay attention to the kiss.

[2] WTF atsui means hot or warm (as in warm and fuzzy) or SHAMELESS and he uses katakana not kanji so I can't know which one!! The second word can be translated as enthusiasm. Use your favourite combination. I'm going with posseses shameless passion.

[1] Maido is how NakaSan usually starts all of his entries this way, Zukki doesn't want you to miss that so he makes sure to point it out. LOL

Picture: NakaSan kissing Zukki



Jul. 27th, 2007 02:44 pm
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I wanted to use that icon yesterday, but, I thought I didn't have it anymore.

I know nobody is really interested in these. Anywayz

Nakamura Masaya








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This morning, LJ did that usual flooding of feeds, these are rough.
NakaSan is weird ne? …and Channaka has finally lost his mind due to new toys.

Nakamura Masaya
NakaSan 2007-07-06 )

NakaSan 2007-07-09 )

Nakamura Yuuichi
Channaka 2007-07-09 Entry 1 )
Channaka 2007-07-09 Entry 2 ) 

Right, so Yuuichi was on a high.

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Nakamura Masaya


Makita Tetsuya

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Naturally this is a very rough translation.


[profile] zika_desu  pointed out that Nakamura3 – hereby NakaSan/Naka3, was in puzzle. Just now I checked out his blog again, since he updated today? and it was a short entry, I thought I’d do it. And this is not because I’m putting off taichou’s trans, no no not at all.


 As I was looking at the entry, I noticed right on the page in the profile section it said that he was in Puzzle, but, also he’s in Arakure Knight. I was going to comment when I saw

[profile] vera26 noticed that already. Just goes to show that I really only focus on pictures on websites. Anways, I knew I had seen him in something before.




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