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First, D-boys be Ambitious.
Wrote them down as I watched, so not very coherent and I was trying to pay attention.

Not very coherent. )

Since I saw Araki already on pigg, I was more focused on the fresh meat Yamada Yusuke.

Our room rehearsed going tiny at the same time, so when they got there we all mini-ed and Yamada was surprised and said we were cute.
Then he and Araki took turns at going mini.
Araki did back-flips and Yamada cried b/c he couldn't do them.
Everyone kept congratulating him on Kamen Rider OOO.
I don't remember much else.
For you that don't know much about D-boys, this Yamada is actually hot in real life.
I really need to stop talking like Joori from Star King.

[ profile] makichan5  has lots of pigg pictures on her lj and [ profile] tilmon  has tonsss of DBA caps. Did reborn do it this week?

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So I wake up and there's space available in the rooms. I got to 4 then notice there's space in 2 so i went to room 1.
This is all awesome and stufff.... untillllllllllllll ... I stopped paying attention because I was chatting on pigg with someone, who sort of waited all week to speak to me.
Even though I was in room 2, i had joined the line for room 1 and so eventually I got back in and much to my surprise, Igarashi and Wada were still there. Except they were both naked and Wada was trying to convince someone that he's not a pervert and this wasn't "ero"

However, before I could take a picture of them:
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While I was waiting, a guy on my list followed me to Stefy's room. He thinks if we go to Japan, we should contact him.
Of course, my mature response to this was to yell (privately) to Stefy "NOOOOO. It's a trap. He wants to rape us".
The best part of this thing, has to be talking crap while waiting XD

This is a show about cakes and boys and cakes )

[ Key from Shinee is at cooking school >_>   Just saying ]

NEXT WEEK: Seto is going to be doing flair bartending
but I keep thinking flare bartending.

Now, I hear Yuichi's radio show is ending. This is so abrupt, would anyone will be willing to save the blogs or at least the pictures in a zip file for [ profile] channaka ?
Link to radio blog

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I'll start with Piggu.
Yesterday it was announced that They would start earlier this week, I really wanted to believe in Stefy's "luck" that Yanagi would come this week.
I mean Yanagi already has a new secret official pigg. It's obviously starting early so the two heavily medicated D-boy cripples can type slowly.
But instead we got Seto and Kaji. And the truth is Seto might as well been a cripple!
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Now DBA. Araki helps a 15 year old boy become a jockey.

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荒瀬五中 (AraSeGoChuu)

I'm so disturbed!! 3000 entries. What will be the decision?
Please be #2.

Tilmon's post. summary of DBA and Pigg. Tons of screenshot
Reborn's post on DBA.
Maki's post on Pigg.

From Manager Silver.
Seto's keyboard seems broken. Kaji seems like he didn't bathe. Link
Seto's apologetic face.

I should sleep more. In that last Yanagi picture he reminded me of taemin. Must be a riff in the space/time fandom continuum somewhere.
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Or I'd be really depressed.

It seems everyone I like go downhill.
Shirota ... well let's just not talk about him.
Ryo had his little Nicidman thing.
Channaka broke his back.
I'm really worried for Shinee. :P

And this brings me to what tilmon and I discussed last week. Apparently there's a term アゲメン (agemen) which is a guy that bring luck to the women he dates. There's a a female equivalent ageman (the "man" is from from manko). So I guess I'm an unlucky ... ANYWAY.

As I've already started talking crap, I'll tell you one of my favourite memories on pigg.
Mr. Seto! What a large head you have! )

Oh. Meaning of cock and bull.


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