Jul. 19th, 2010 08:07 pm
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Had quite the day at work. Some consultants (?) came from Canada and as you already know I'm shy and really awkward.
So it's 1:30 and I can't find my boss and they're coming at 3:00! I felt so bad b/c it turns out she was at the doctor b/c she's having heart problems. :(
I brought her up to speed just barely in time, when the security called to tell me they were downstairs, we were in a mad rush to hide all the samples other companies had sent to us.
One of the men said I look just like my dad. lol problie all Indian people look alike XD
But they were so nice, and convincing, by the end of it I wanted to say "Just fired all the staff and buy their software and stuff instead".

Anyway, when I bought my laptop (oh yeah the only reason I'm updating so much is I finally have a new laptop.It's purple and...)
AHEM. When I bought it, we also bought some stuff online, mostly cooking stuff, it had to be shipped back here and today they finally came, and guess what was among the candy melts and cookie sheets. A TOMAHAWK. Yes. A fucking tomahawk.
This one.

I was looking for the D-boys rumour thread, but, couldn't find it.

Instead I came across some lulzy rumours. Bolded the parts I liked.

Jin's 24th Birthday
Read more... )

Actually it feels familiar like I read it before.


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Stolen from Jodyn...and the Chinese.

Finally saw the Koujinen clip, where everyone thinks Shirota is made of fail.

My favourite part was where they said Shirota was the "polar opposite" of his image (正反対)
which can be read as "bipolar"
Read more... )Shirota; Gourmet Reporter?
Shirota and Zukki grab something to eat.
Shirota: "First the soup" *sips*
THENRead more... )This clip was really worth watching, it shows bits from the horror movie, the drama thingy with Ishihara Satomi where we get to see DV!Shirota.

I suppose EVERYONE knows about George's girlfriend, or ex or whatever was sentenced last week. READ MORE HERE.
It's not a bad sentence as she's not going to jail unless they catch her doing something bad. Hopefully George's sentence isn't so bad either as they didn't even find him with any of the stuff in his possession.
She says she might go back to her studies, maa, I wish her luck. She was trying for a singing career before. You can preview this under the cut. Read more... )

RnK Ep 7
Oh, I have a question, I totally understood the bit about the para-para dance and the goblin mask since I've seen the mask before. HOWEVER, the NureSenbei (wet rice cracker) bit loses me. While no one would want a soggy cracker, this is something people in Japan seem to want to eat. (Maybe it's like natto, you either hate it or you love it?) I dunno, someone explain the insult to me.
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Right, so rumour has it that Shirota is dating Yonekura Ryoko.
Remember her? The woman from Koshonin?
I predicted this rumour when she gave him chocolates (BLOG | Trans)
And then she sent flowers for his waratte appearance. (lol too lazy to get pictures. He mentioned her in his blog thenTrans)
Her name comes second after Amami Yuuki and he mentioned it was in no particular order.
Anyway the rumour says they were seen on many food dates?..dinner dates..or lunch dates.. whatever there was food involved.
But as entame pointed out Ryoko has many male friends and he might just be seen has her cute kouhai/junior.

source: entame


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