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Someone requested a translation of a Taemin as I searched for it, I ended up downloading the entire magazine, and what do I find on the opposite page? D-date!! So I ended up getting like 6.
Bell said she hadn't seen this around and I have no idea.
There's a running section where you basically imagine what it would be like to date ideal versions of D-Date.
You know, highly photoshopped, scarf-wearing guys who think that as you go on a shopping date, it will feel like the two persons' sense are becoming one. <- ok that last part is just Seto. Whereas, Igarashi would like to go to a department store and play around in/ with women's clothes. Although nothing can top the movie date IMHO.
I'm missing one, if you have it, please add it. (looking at vichi)






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I was explaining to a co-worker that I didn't feel as though I had goals, she was working and finishing her degree.
She thought it was ridiculous (that I wanted goals). Next year, I'll turn 30. I've never cared much about age, I can remember clearly when I was going for my postgrad there was a Chinese girl from Canada. She refused to tell me her age when I asked, I didn't. So I pretended once that forgot that I had asked and asked her again. As you can guess she didn't like that. Why must I be so irritating? lol
But your age is never something you should be ashamed of, regardless of what you're doing. (And you don't need me to tell you that unless you're an over 30 guy trying to pick up teen girls on Omegle.[1]  Shame on you! )
I've been very blessed in life so far, although perhaps my life is not particularly special in any way.

And then recently with Shirota's collab with a BSB (BTW full version here)
It was really his dream. This is definitely the highlight of his career so far.

This being the lowlight

That's stolen from tumblr.
got too long )
Then he backed down from that, did I imagine this? Sigh. Reading old entries I really miss Debbie and kureno_rooster T_T

[1] The other night I could sleep and went on omegle, it was filled with people wanting naked pictures of you and one Canadian girl who said if she would kill anyone and get away with it, she would kill Justin Bieber for shaming Canadians. Hmm. Ok. But then she went into details of how she would slice his toes off and skin him, etc, etc. )

Oh yeah and after all this, I still have NO goals. Thanks YamaP for nothing.
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This post is about nails and well douchiness.
Are you following me on twitter? No, that's ok because I'm about to regurgitate it here.

In August:

L-R: Nails Stamps and Crackle Polish
Read more... )

This week:

This week I got her to marble my nails.

HecklerSpray this morning made me laugh.
"Rolling Stone, that bastion of cocking arsewipes has decided that not
only do they have the self-congratulated intelligence to judge what is
good, and what is bad, but they’ve even decided to tell everyone what
their opinion is."

It's funny and ironic since this is exactly what HecklerSpray does. However, it's mostly funny because it's true.

Funny People )

Oh Oh! I was looking at an olddd Seto pimp post I had done, I wasn't into K-pop then and even when I looked at Full House I didn't remember that I had translated that. So even though D-Date was supposed to have a collab with Choshinsei, and even though he's probably done drugs with G-Dragon, I'm just going to pretend he's a SHINee fan.


Oct. 8th, 2011 09:21 pm
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I did this post on March 17th! But didn't post it because I was worried
that I'd misconvey it. But, what good is it sitting in a private post?


WAE is made up the initials of the three essential components that make up the project.
WAE can be said to be the circle that connects the victims (of the earthquake to the company).
The name comes from the thoughts/feelings of the employees and talent attached to the company.

The three ways that WAE will be showing their support:
1. Company-wide charity auction
2. Donations collected by the agency
3. Fund-raising by the artists.

We're currently collecting donations and items to auction.
Ideas can be sent to:

Endo Yuuya

We want to send cheers to bring smiles to the face of the affected. For now that's all we can do.
To be honest, we can't laugh
It hurts our (hearts), it feels like we'll burst open.
But, I think a little at a time we can bring heartfelt smiles.

Yanagi Koutarou

It's small but, let's make it a day where you can smile soon.

Wada Masato

We have... what this sort of earthquake can't make shake, we have a strong faith.
We won't forget... as this quietly finishes, to bring heartfelt smiles.
A lot of aid... a lot of goods...
Together with those, we will join our hands to yours and deliver dreams and hope.
Ganbare, Japan!!

(Note. This far more eloquent in Japanese. Sorry Wada!)

Suzuki Hiroki


(Just like that in English <3 )

Igarashi Shunji

Right now, as the (news) announcement increase, so does the number of victims.
I think as with me, everyone's experiencing varous emotions; pain, sorrow, anger.
But, at a time like this, we must co-operate, we must not stop, I want (you) to move forward with (your) heads up.
Of course, I must must also do the same.
The future can be (molded) by our own hands as much as we can.
Happiness can be grasped with our own hands. For this reason, for now, we will aim for your smiles.

Araki Hirofumi

For this project, what is it that *I* can do?
I think for myself as an actor, I can use what is necessary for me to survive, like water or air, that's entertainment.

(Note: I think I made him sound flaky but the gist is that this what keeps him going so he's going to use what he can )

Read more... )

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I've been posting these on twitter, but that bad thing about twitter is that you can't go back and edit your typos and other stupid mistakes


Read more... )

Read more... )


Seto's message )
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I'll start with Piggu.
Yesterday it was announced that They would start earlier this week, I really wanted to believe in Stefy's "luck" that Yanagi would come this week.
I mean Yanagi already has a new secret official pigg. It's obviously starting early so the two heavily medicated D-boy cripples can type slowly.
But instead we got Seto and Kaji. And the truth is Seto might as well been a cripple!
Read more... )

Now DBA. Araki helps a 15 year old boy become a jockey.

Read more... )
荒瀬五中 (AraSeGoChuu)

I'm so disturbed!! 3000 entries. What will be the decision?
Please be #2.

Tilmon's post. summary of DBA and Pigg. Tons of screenshot
Reborn's post on DBA.
Maki's post on Pigg.

From Manager Silver.
Seto's keyboard seems broken. Kaji seems like he didn't bathe. Link
Seto's apologetic face.

I should sleep more. In that last Yanagi picture he reminded me of taemin. Must be a riff in the space/time fandom continuum somewhere.
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I missed D-boys be ambitious. I know, I know, it's tragic.
I'm sure it was filled with epicness.

Upset over this, I was forced to stalk the Chinese for it. But could only find snaps of Seto.

So [ profile] fila_desu  went in search of Channaka ones. Now here, when I thought he was doing this in the jotei kaoruko:

He was actually doing this.

Actually made me a little worried about he might actually be doing to the germs in Moyashimon to make them that happy.
Crap this is getting long.

Skip if you've seen the show or actually want to know what went on )

I still check my f-list pretty often, in fact, the girl that sits next to me at work will often (at least twice a week) ask, "What is Chris looking at? Oh Chinee ppl" or "What is that? Chinee girls?". And yes, I've told her they're Japanese. And no, my 'S' key isn't broken XD
I miss being part of fandom very very much.

PS How does Seto manage to look so much manlier than Yuichi even wearing that much pink?


Dec. 11th, 2009 08:47 am
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- I won't go in order (starting from piece 1), but I do have all thanks to [ profile] andweewoo .
- Purupuru is the sound soft things like jelly and apparently babies' cheeks make. (like kirakira)
- Do not EVER google images of Seto + purupuru lips in Japanese with safe search off., In fact maybe never google images of anything in Japanese with safe search off.

Araki Hirofumi

2009-12-02: 『piece29』

Read more... )

2009-12-03: 『piece30』

Read more... )

Seto Kouji

2009-12-03: Setomaru 1414

Read more... )

Related entries in Info blog are:
1. In which you're supposed to guess who the empty seat is for.
2. In which Araki appears deformed and you're informed you can see Seto's purupuru face if you were a paid member.

PS. Thank you for the Vgifts~ m(_ _)m
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Yuichi still thinks the only punctuation that exists are "!!" and emoji.
Edit: thanks to [ profile] andweewoo ~

Nakamura Yuichi


Read more... )

2009-11-18: A notice. you must watch ne.

Read more... )

Seto Kouji

2009-11-13: Setomaru 1394

Read more... )

2009-11-18: Setomaru 1401

Read more... )
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 Every year I go to the motorcade on the eve and tell myself I'll post pictures but they never come out that good. Today we'll go around and see the diyas, maybe I'll take more blurry pictures and force you to watch them tomorrow.  The rangoli will be hard to take pictures of without leaving the car.
Actually I felt like lighting diyas too, but, that's probably my inner pyromaniac and not a rush of spiritualism (Diwali/Deepavali also means awareness of inner light).

Summary, Shirota doesn't post much but that first picture is worth it, Yuichi walks the green carpet and Seto, as usual only talks about himself.

Shirota Yu

2009-10-60: Samurai Highschool
pic: 1
Read more... )
2009-10-17: Tonight at 9 o'clock!!!!
Read more... )

Nakamura Yuichi

2009-10-16: Last  practice
Read more... )
2009-10-17: Tokyo International festival
Read more... )

Seto Kouji

2009-10-17: Setomaru 1365
Read more... )Random flail: OnI photobook is sooo pretty. 

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 Shirota is once again inspired to post about food.
Re-using old pictures or just not bathing? Yuichi posts pictures of him in the same shirt two days in row. 
Two old Seto posts that feat. Yuichi.

Shirota Yu

corn soup )

late notice )

Nakamura Yuichi

The return of Shuu )
I met with Fucchi the other day, but, today I was able to meet AsumiMarika and Kei-chan!! [1]
I was glad to meet with them after such a long time. ー(^○^)
By the way, aside from Fucchi, all of our birthdays are in October.
Today’s stuff will be on the DVD to be released on December 23rd, please check it out ne. (^_-)

[1] Note he used their Futatsu role names.

dokdoki )
Seto Koji

2009-08-30: Setomaru 1320
Read more... )
2009-09-01: Setomaru 1322
Read more... )
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 Sorry about spamming you today.
Usui and Seto talked about Yuichi's birthday... and Makita... And since U1 pwns at knowing what fans want, he updates again with two pictures that don't scare us.
I've decided not to translate yoroshiku :P

Usui Masahiro

so effin' cute )

Seto Koji
Seto is good for something )

Suzuki Hiroki
productive zukki )

Makita Tetsuya

Yuichi Nakamura
I was so happy I could have cried )

Endo also wished Yuichi a Happy Birthday.
(優一誕生日おめでとさん☆ )

Miki-shachou didn't post about his birthday but his last mail 2 press thingy where he got his third surprise bday cake.

Yanagi didn't post about Yuichi at all. However he did write this entry and then write it back entirely in Engrish

Meanwhile Araki is being a whiny girl.

I almost went back and did his past birthday entries but I refrained, just like Yuichi and his happy!tears.

Quick post

Sep. 21st, 2009 09:35 am
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 Seto and Shirota in Cool Trans Oct 09.


From hudie so watermarked. Not sure if there are more pages of them.

Yuichi has finished shooting for Last Mail 2 and Zero turned 2 so he got him a bday cake.
Awww. Also, almost done with radio post for [ profile] channaka . But don't have the D-radio episodes he's on.
Also, why can't I find Anan Vol 1972? I've been looking for more than 2 weeks now. It's the one that came out on Aug 19th. I'm looking for the Igarashi pages. Anyone seen it around?
EDIT or Shirota in vol 1973.

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So I came across Seto's Homme Vol 7 shoot on Baidu, and no I don't spend all of my time on Baidu.
Watching him actually pout is funny as hell.

Read more... )

That reminds me, I was looking at scans recently and noticed this in Zipper
Seto's movie choice?
The scan isn't clear enough to hear his no doubt deep thoughts on this.

Seto's book choice?
Kokuhaku (Confessions) by Minato Kanae. I remember reading about this when Ryo said he read it, somehow it still doesn't undo the image of Seto pouting.

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Chibi!Seto's distressed face and Shirota's the kind of the guest I wouldn't want at my parties. Shirota has written a more recent entry but next time.
CUTS are being weird so bear with me for a minute or two until I get them to work.

Seto Kouji

2009-08-11: Setomaru 1305
pic: 1

Read more... )
[1] They had sent photomail, or whatever it’s called, with fireworks, etc before.

Shirota Yu
2009-08-14: Birthday.
pic: 3
Read more... )

Speaking of Kaji
pantsssss )

By the way, I updated the DVD friend post, Zukki's video is up and some other stuff.
Trying to get the Seto stuff up so I'll hopefully PM those of you that commented in the next few minutes.
Nevermind that, my computer time is up for today. Tomorrow, hopefully.

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Highlights (?!?): Yuichi and Seto tend to forget they were only pretending to be Kamen Riders. If Seto were a girl he’d show his legs, I guess this excites Yuichi because he declares he’d want to date someone manly … like Seto, this makes sense because the pictures at the top of the page shows Seto doing manly things like feeding Yuichi and Yuichi applying lipgloss to Seto’s lips. Ugh, the entire article. I want to be a D-boy T_T
On the other end of the excitement scale, Shirota will wear whatever you tell him to and Ryo’s diet choices keep me on the edge of my seat.  Sorry Ryo got bumped off. Got too long  :P

Koimen 3.

Seto Kouji x Nakamura Yuichi.

Scans @ pali_mari: CLICK HERE

Seto is a manly manly manly man cuz he's from Kyuushu )

Jelly August. "Women's favourite look on men; Shirt 02"

Scans thanks to[profile] trace_into and [ profile] jonisjuan  and all those sites whose watermarks are stamped on.

I don’t usually wear (shirts) but,…….
If I was told “Wear it” I’d wear it. (laugh)

shirtless is best anyway. )
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Highlights: Zukki tsukkomis Yuichi on primetime, Wada runs, Yuichi does IXAcises and wants to look like Araki. Seto is Seto, I like his sense of humour. I think he’d make a good partner in crime.

As usual I’m sorry, let me know if you see any errors.

Source of picture unknown, scan found on 2chan.
Click for Larger.

mitaiyo )

TV Guide 2009-08-08: Scan by [ profile] nico26  @ [ profile] terebi_gaido 
To get the full scan you must join that comm. Click here.
(Please thank her if you do!)

An appearance by superhero ikementachi.. and Wada.
Read more... )

Dengeki Layers Vol. 26
Scan by [profile] pali_mari  @ her lj. Click here.

It’s just changing clothes, but, it feels like living a different person’s life.

Read more... )

Junon 2009-09 Scans by [profile] mayura_news  and [profile] kuroistar_08  here @ [ profile] channaka .
A special thanks to kuroi for scanning the text for me <3

Nakamura Yuichi

Despite losing weight, a macho body is (still) impossible.

Read more... )

Seto Kouji

What I like about my body, my long arms.
Read more... )

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This was actually in the last blog post, but, as it got long I split it in two then Yuuichi posted again.. and again.
Make sure you read Kaji's.
Nakamura Yuichi.

Channaka 2009-07-21 )

The sheer vanity of this post. )

Igarashi Shunji
Bowling )

cushion bomerang )

is still very gay )
but shunchan likes it )

Seto vs Igarashi @ Drama festival  )

Setomaru 1256 )

Seto vs Igarashi )

Setomaru 1257 )

BTW, if you haven't seen Seto's character in Otomen

click here )

Do you think he's suited to the role?

chikubiiiii )
I'm not really grown up :/


Jul. 17th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Seto's new Otome look!

Well, at least it's new to me? It wasn't much so I threw in today's blog entries.

Full image under cut )

Setomaru 1269 )

Setomaru 1270 )
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Seto's birthday was three days ago.  (Born May 18th, 1988)
This isn't a pimp post like with Channaka's, but, equally random.
This is probably only helpful if you know nothing about Seto or think that D-boys are a band.

I'll spare you a list of things he's been in, instead here: WIKI and DramaWiki.
Not to mention I think I did this already :/

Facts and some horror. )

He started being called "Setomaru" after he played Kikumaru Eiji in PoT Musicals. Did I really not do a Seto post before?

Seto is a fairly good singer, actor, but, I think his true skill is blog-whoring.
Exhibit A and B )

Blog Entries from Seto's Birthday. These pretty much sum up what his entries are usually like.

Setomaru 1180 - 1182 )

fire and underpants )
Seto was featured on the Oricon Website's Ikemen Garage back in February last year.
Here's a preview of what's on there.

Because he's a Kyushu Boy. )

Where you can see him now. )

Yeah so if you're on my f-list and know nothing about Seto, you must should read this.


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