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Ok, I've got a bunch of stuff to talk about, but, I've been way toooo busy. So probably people on my f-list haved posted about it and I missed it.
I'll post again on Sunday? lol hopefully.

lol I doubt I can remember all the things I wanted to babble about.

So Jun and Kei finally had their "major debut" as Alma.
Dear Tomato-san, NO NO NO. )

I've had such a hard time picturing that Ryo and Shirota could be friends.
Well jojo, I still do.
The photo JE/WE don't want you to see. )
ShiroJun Eduardo, some druggie, Jin, Shunpei, Shinjo!Yuu Esteban, ιΆγŒγ‚‰!Ryo >_>

Let's use this to transition to D-boys

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Miki took Yuuichi to NY.
I was pretty upset about this. As I had planned to take Yuuichi to NY, if he behaved.
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D-boys appeared on NepLeague (yeah yeah old news, REVIEW HERE) and Miki pimps. So does Zukki, Igarashi admits that he's been "peeping" at Shirotan and gets his revenge for the ball on ball action, Tomo is legal \:D/, Kaji is surprised, Channaka is cute, Jun loves his family <3 and George's b-day entry and Gal Sone get booted from this entry. Yanagi's posts are booted to a separate post while he reflects on his behaviour. Changed my mind.. kinda XD
Usui gains tons of points in my book for mentioning Shirota's graduation which is the first sign that he's probably still with WE. Sorry that "D-boys hugged him and cried" just didn't cut it for me nor that he was dropped from the show for Osaka performances.

D-boys & Miki

Watanabe Miki aka our ruler

Suzuki Hiroki aka Zukki

Nakamura Yuuichi aka Channaka

Igarashi Shunji aka Nya aka Yufune

Kaji Masaki aka ji-ka

Yanagi Koutarou aka Yanako

Yanagishita Tomo aka Shimo


Shirota Jun aka Eduardo (via his and Kei's Alma blog)

<3 )

George Miyao

Graduation Stuff

Since Usui mentioned Shirota's grad, he got included in this batch. It was really weird as there's this Japanese fan blog that I read and the first she knew of the graduation was from reading this entry.
She pretty much expressed the same sentiments as foreign fans, "he was one of the first members", "great sense of loss" and my favourite "who will keep Yanagi in check?"
Even on mixi, it was strange to see that there were the same reactions as in our communities. Although, the report we got was better than the one that I saw on 2chan. lol

Usui Masahiro

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A bunch of old pictures, mostly from high school. it's easy to pick Shirota out, he's the giant. YamaPi is the small blonde one.

ShiroPi )

Disclaimer: The majority of these photos are were taken from baidu (80% of them), the person on baidu got some of them from tanteifile.
The Jin pictures, I'm not sure, I think are from here, that is aside from the last one.


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