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I did this post on March 17th! But didn't post it because I was worried
that I'd misconvey it. But, what good is it sitting in a private post?


WAE is made up the initials of the three essential components that make up the project.
WAE can be said to be the circle that connects the victims (of the earthquake to the company).
The name comes from the thoughts/feelings of the employees and talent attached to the company.

The three ways that WAE will be showing their support:
1. Company-wide charity auction
2. Donations collected by the agency
3. Fund-raising by the artists.

We're currently collecting donations and items to auction.
Ideas can be sent to: info@watanabe-ent.com

Endo Yuuya

We want to send cheers to bring smiles to the face of the affected. For now that's all we can do.
To be honest, we can't laugh
It hurts our (hearts), it feels like we'll burst open.
But, I think a little at a time we can bring heartfelt smiles.

Yanagi Koutarou

It's small but, let's make it a day where you can smile soon.

Wada Masato

We have... what this sort of earthquake can't make shake, we have a strong faith.
We won't forget... as this quietly finishes, to bring heartfelt smiles.
A lot of aid... a lot of goods...
Together with those, we will join our hands to yours and deliver dreams and hope.
Ganbare, Japan!!

(Note. This far more eloquent in Japanese. Sorry Wada!)

Suzuki Hiroki


(Just like that in English <3 )

Igarashi Shunji

Right now, as the (news) announcement increase, so does the number of victims.
I think as with me, everyone's experiencing varous emotions; pain, sorrow, anger.
But, at a time like this, we must co-operate, we must not stop, I want (you) to move forward with (your) heads up.
Of course, I must must also do the same.
The future can be (molded) by our own hands as much as we can.
Happiness can be grasped with our own hands. For this reason, for now, we will aim for your smiles.

Araki Hirofumi

For this project, what is it that *I* can do?
I think for myself as an actor, I can use what is necessary for me to survive, like water or air, that's entertainment.

(Note: I think I made him sound flaky but the gist is that this what keeps him going so he's going to use what he can )

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I think Jaejoong (Tohoshinki / JYJ / Heaven) looks like a product of photoshopping the faces of about 6 people on to a very nice body.
But, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fila_desu  and [livejournal.com profile] angelalia I've watched far too many videos of Shinee

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So TL:DR version.
Minho used to sort of look like some D-boys but now looks like this:

And I don't know where this Yuichi picture is from either.
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 Sorry about spamming you today.
Usui and Seto talked about Yuichi's birthday... and Makita... And since U1 pwns at knowing what fans want, he updates again with two pictures that don't scare us.
I've decided not to translate yoroshiku :P

Usui Masahiro

so effin' cute )

Seto Koji
Seto is good for something )

Suzuki Hiroki
productive zukki )

Makita Tetsuya

Yuichi Nakamura
I was so happy I could have cried )

Endo also wished Yuichi a Happy Birthday.
(優一誕生日おめでとさん☆ )

Miki-shachou didn't post about his birthday but his last mail 2 press thingy where he got his third surprise bday cake.

Yanagi didn't post about Yuichi at all. However he did write this entry and then write it back entirely in Engrish

Meanwhile Araki is being a whiny girl.

I almost went back and did his past birthday entries but I refrained, just like Yuichi and his happy!tears.
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Highlights: Zukki tsukkomis Yuichi on primetime, Wada runs, Yuichi does IXAcises and wants to look like Araki. Seto is Seto, I like his sense of humour. I think he’d make a good partner in crime.

As usual I’m sorry, let me know if you see any errors.

Source of picture unknown, scan found on 2chan.
Click for Larger.

mitaiyo )

TV Guide 2009-08-08: Scan by [livejournal.com profile] nico26  @ [livejournal.com profile] terebi_gaido 
To get the full scan you must join that comm. Click here.
(Please thank her if you do!)

An appearance by superhero ikementachi.. and Wada.
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Dengeki Layers Vol. 26
Scan by [profile] pali_mari  @ her lj. Click here.

It’s just changing clothes, but, it feels like living a different person’s life.

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Junon 2009-09 Scans by [profile] mayura_news  and [profile] kuroistar_08  here @ [livejournal.com profile] channaka .
A special thanks to kuroi for scanning the text for me <3

Nakamura Yuichi

Despite losing weight, a macho body is (still) impossible.

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Seto Kouji

What I like about my body, my long arms.
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Yanagi Kotarou
2009-07-23: I did it!!!
pic: 1

Everyone! I'm sorry!

(At) yesterday's NatsuDoko!

When I got excited... [1]

I turned into this form.

If I sleep I may turn back into myself.

I'm worried about the other members.

Ohh! Worried!

Worried (Shinpai)


Mistake? (Shippai).


[1] Fighting spirit set in.

Shirota Yu
2009-07-21: Shirota is stooopid. )
Eclipse )

2009-07-22: The results. )11

(Before we go on, for NatsuDoko, Shirota's day was July 23rd. It was called Shirota's Adult Night, or something like that XD)

Usui Masahiro
Adult night )

Nakamura Yuichi
no picture )


Jul. 1st, 2008 12:29 pm
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Thanks to [personal profile] jodyn  or else I would have never found this!


Online Videos by Veoh.com


Online Videos by Veoh.com


Sorry ne, It's on Veoh, so you might not be able to see it.
I'll work something out with [personal profile] jodyn so that everyone can~!
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D-boys appeared on NepLeague (yeah yeah old news, REVIEW HERE) and Miki pimps. So does Zukki, Igarashi admits that he's been "peeping" at Shirotan and gets his revenge for the ball on ball action, Tomo is legal \:D/, Kaji is surprised, Channaka is cute, Jun loves his family <3 and George's b-day entry and Gal Sone get booted from this entry. Yanagi's posts are booted to a separate post while he reflects on his behaviour. Changed my mind.. kinda XD
Usui gains tons of points in my book for mentioning Shirota's graduation which is the first sign that he's probably still with WE. Sorry that "D-boys hugged him and cried" just didn't cut it for me nor that he was dropped from the show for Osaka performances.

D-boys & Miki

Watanabe Miki aka our ruler

Suzuki Hiroki aka Zukki

Nakamura Yuuichi aka Channaka

Igarashi Shunji aka Nya aka Yufune

Kaji Masaki aka ji-ka

Yanagi Koutarou aka Yanako

Yanagishita Tomo aka Shimo


Shirota Jun aka Eduardo (via his and Kei's Alma blog)

<3 )

George Miyao

Graduation Stuff

Since Usui mentioned Shirota's grad, he got included in this batch. It was really weird as there's this Japanese fan blog that I read and the first she knew of the graduation was from reading this entry.
She pretty much expressed the same sentiments as foreign fans, "he was one of the first members", "great sense of loss" and my favourite "who will keep Yanagi in check?"
Even on mixi, it was strange to see that there were the same reactions as in our communities. Although, the report we got was better than the one that I saw on 2chan. lol

Usui Masahiro

pedobait )
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This morning, [profile] nerfracket and I watched D-boys on this show. It was incredible.
The D-boys team consisted of Shirota, Wada, Channaka (Yuuichi), Usui and Zukki!!

I wish I had screenshots. i wished I had written this down.

D-boys are stupid.

I think we all know how I feel about Yuuichi (he's the one in my layout). I love him so much it kinda hurts. I want to adopt him, I want to feed him, I want to bath him. I'm sorry, Am I scaring you? ([profile] engwanoviel: no scarring)
There is really nothing purer than my love for Yuuichi.

They introduced each and the toku boys had to do their henshin lines. Usui, so cute. SO CUTE.

I don't remember the names of the segments, the first part was called something Tower. A picture was shown on the screen and they had to say the name, if they got it correct, they went up a "floor", get it wrong and you start over. D-boys went the highest, but, it seems that it matters what level you are at the end of the game and not how high you get :(
Anyone could answer for this section.

I don't remember the name of this segment either. :/
They were seated: Shirota, Wada, Zukki, Yuuichi <3, Usui.
This was a fill in the blank part, there were five blanks, and so each person had to fill in one letter/hiragana. The first question was a math problem. And they got it correct, (I was worried about Shirota)
They were going well, then Yuuichi got his wrong and did the robot (yes the dance), then they all failed the last question about tea.

The next segment was a simulator for a roller coaster. They flashed kanji on the screen and one person had to type the hiragana on a touchpad. Shirota started well (I was feeling proud), but, got stuck at a place name, then zukki tried it but he didn't know the name of the place either, Wada also got it wrong. This section was just kinda tragic. The neptune team was kind and made excuses for Usui, "He's so young".

The final section was called Time Fire Bomber. Each person had to name something from a collection of items within a time limit. For example, they gave them a list of kanji and they had to give the English equivalent and names of places with a certain kanji in it. My favourite part was when the Neptune team had their turn, they were asked to name Kamen Riders and the last guy got stuck. Afterwards, the D-boys team were all pointing at Yuuichi, who was going "WHAT ABOUT ME?" And on the screen they pointed out that he was KR Zeronos.

The neptune team won and did a bonus round where they got money.

Other highlights for me were Wada showing his age knowing lyrics to what must be an olddd song, random group hugs, one of the neptune team not knowing how to spell perfume.  Zukki wasn't as talkative :(
Wada and Shirota were naturals, Usui is.. young and Yuuichi was cute.


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