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On 2chan they were talking about how the staff surprised them with a cake since both of their birthdays are in October.
I'm glad that both of them posted about it.
[ profile] engwanoviel wanted to know if they cut the cake together.

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But even funnier are the ads in some of these magazines like

and imagine some men worry about hairloss )

BO )

I'm not even going to pretend I understood the last one.
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If you live in Japan, perhaps you should be afraid....
Of Granma
Your mom
I've always found kids scary anyway.
However, if you kid does kill your boyfriend, that's not always a bad thing. (Read the comments on this one. Very informative).
It's that time of year where I should be setting resolutions that I'll break in a month..(current record two days).
I should probably just resolve to be safe this year by staying the fuck out of Japan. We'll see how that goes... on the other hand, BEER SHAMPOO and manbras that improve your cello playing and your chest pass.

(EDIT 2: Granpas will not be left out of the fun)

Katka and I are amused,
"Pop star Ayumi Hamasaki has suffered an injury to her right hand. According to her agency, she fell down some stairs on Christmas Eve due to anemia."
We think this was the type of anemia that's induced by one too many beer.

EDIT: For those of you into J-Music scene. You might be interested in JPopJapan.
I'm following it on Twitter as well.

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There are piggy banks and then there are Japanese piggy banks.
Here we have a product from Bandai called Ikemen banks where you can save and pretend you have a boyfriend.
You drop your yen coins into it and it talks to you.

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