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Shirota is still working to cut back on the complaining so he's not posting. That's a lie! Now that I've posted WE will finally approve his last post. (EDIT: Ha! I I got it just before I pressed post I win this time...THERE  ARE  NO  SMALL  VICTORIES.)
Yanagi is not taking his happy medicine again.
Seto wanted to reach 1000 posts before the new year (I'm not making this up!) he woke up yesterday to realize he's short by 23 entries so he posts something like this.
Yuuichi is just here b/c his entry was easy and I love him in a creepy way.
Ryo's entry... that's just a reason to use my new icon from [ profile] ladymercury ..THANK YOU <3.... had to be posted because to quote Katka, "I think that was a really some big party for that singer fall down the stairs with anemia and then Ryo posted an entry like this"
So yeah basically a hodge-podge of the easiest entries on my f-list.

Shirota Yu
Thankfullll, no really I am. )

Heroo )

Yanagi Koutarou

Well, duh )

Seto Kouji

Ooopsie )

Nakamura Yuuichi aka Channaka

ilu bb )

Nishikido Ryo
I'll problie delete this )

That reminds me, [ profile] jodyn made me a lj feed for Yamashita Rina's blog (P's sister) since I can't get enough of the joseigo, emoji and pink. [ profile] yamashitarina .

EDIT: If wanting to kill any family member, it's best you move to Scotland.

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Today, at an interview:

Interviewer *is holding my passport*
HIM: "And you're Ghanian"
ME: Um, no I'm Guyanese
HIM: "Guyanese?"
ME: "G-U-Y-A-N-E-S-E"
HIM: Oh is that what we're calling it these days?"
ME: "No one's in Africa and one's in South America"
HIM: "Oh they're two different places"
HIM: "OH look it even says so on your passport"
ME: *smiles*

But, he was really nice!


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