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This should have been posted two days ago. I'm sorry. If you've got the time, make sure you at least read the last entry, and when you do imagine that he's on the verge of tears, after all this is Yuuichi.

morning )
Front )rain )
ichigo )
sale )
long time )
rest )me )

sleep )
sunday )

hobbies )
cold )
winter )

free )

sleep )

end )

later )

kaji )

free )

fliyer )

sukii )

mirror )

hazukashii )

so what? )

seto )

again )

tomo )

cafe )

kyushuu )
highschool )

kitakyuushu )

night )
western food )
sleep )

bored )

massage )

nothing here )


long entry is long )

Yes 39  entries. So that's 81 entries for January and he's kept his promise for February and not skipped any days.
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Before we start, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Learn it, love it, use it even.

Shirota x 2 )

Endo x 1 )

Yanagi x 1 )

Channaka )
[Note from ore-chan: Please, please please don't expect your future  Japanese boyfriends to ever tell you these sort of things. I've read through all of the D-boys entries and I was going to translate them all but got side-tracked by what could only be called porn and really none of them are like this. Tomo's entries are always sweet but really nothing like this. I'm pretty sure he spent a lot of time thinking this out. Shirota's entry last year was more reflective, but if you know Shirota and know that kakushigei was live, then you know he didn't sleep very much last night and he had his whole I feel so guilty that I'm so blessed post about a week ago. ]

EDIT: Because I need to semi-flail publicly, Handa Kento along with Shirota, will be two of the new hosts for All night nippon. WEEEE.
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Shirota is still working to cut back on the complaining so he's not posting. That's a lie! Now that I've posted WE will finally approve his last post. (EDIT: Ha! I I got it just before I pressed post I win this time...THERE  ARE  NO  SMALL  VICTORIES.)
Yanagi is not taking his happy medicine again.
Seto wanted to reach 1000 posts before the new year (I'm not making this up!) he woke up yesterday to realize he's short by 23 entries so he posts something like this.
Yuuichi is just here b/c his entry was easy and I love him in a creepy way.
Ryo's entry... that's just a reason to use my new icon from [ profile] ladymercury ..THANK YOU <3.... had to be posted because to quote Katka, "I think that was a really some big party for that singer fall down the stairs with anemia and then Ryo posted an entry like this"
So yeah basically a hodge-podge of the easiest entries on my f-list.

Shirota Yu
Thankfullll, no really I am. )

Heroo )

Yanagi Koutarou

Well, duh )

Seto Kouji

Ooopsie )

Nakamura Yuuichi aka Channaka

ilu bb )

Nishikido Ryo
I'll problie delete this )

That reminds me, [ profile] jodyn made me a lj feed for Yamashita Rina's blog (P's sister) since I can't get enough of the joseigo, emoji and pink. [ profile] yamashitarina .

EDIT: If wanting to kill any family member, it's best you move to Scotland.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 02:04 pm
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I guess a lot of you on my f-list are Shirota fans and may not have a clue as to who the other D-boys are. Oops. I mean who the actual D-boys are.
Except maybe Yanagi, Kaji and Shunji so we'll get to them in later posts. MAYBE.

So let's meet Yuichi Nakamura. [Wiki entry]
I've mentioned him a few times. I love him.
He's the most adorable thing on the face of the earth. Do I sound rabid yet? ちょっとね

Where you might have seen him: Gokusen 2 9lol he had only one line but was in the entire thing), Kamen Rider Hibiki, Kamen Rider Den-O, Princess Princess, wet and shirtless in my recent shakariki spazz.

His birthday October 08, 1987 so he'll be 21 in a few days. He was originally a Johhny Junior and left for WE.
Read more... )

His three most recent blog entries:

Read more... )Honestly, I think details about my Yuuichi aren't very important, you should just watch the pretty.

Here's two sample photos from his photobook:
*_* )


Here's Yuuichi in Japanese clothes (stolen from Yahoo auctions)
Watch more... )
Now for some crap pictures stolen from Yahoo auctions:
Yuuichi 2008 Shop Photosets
**_** )

He's called channaka because when he joined there was another Nakamura (Katsuki) so instead of naka-chan he became channaka...allegedly. So I heard... lol This post is full of hearsay and stolen pictures.

lol In terms of a pimp post this could be better with more fun facts. I'm sorry.
I'll try to do the other boys. Who do you want next? Don't know their names? GO HERE and check out their blogs and choose.

Kumai )

lol Endo )

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Summary: Before Yanagi got his Enya back, he ran around stalking and threatening to kiss Shirota. Kaji revealed to us that Shirota was in Shakariki, which Shirota failed to mention. [ profile] jodyn tells me he plays a gym trainer.
To celebrate I post semi-nude videos of Channaka, Zukki and Endo.


Read more... )


Read more... )


lol yes they're wet too )


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