Sep. 3rd, 2007

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Clearly Araki and Zukki want me to feel better (I woke up too early). But, I'm not entirely sure what they're saying :/

Shuzai [1]

I did a shuzai for Cast Prix
I want it to come out earlyy (>_<)
Excuse me, Excuse me, I'm... irritated [2] that I can't say as yet~!
For the first time I'm living an actor's life. ☆ (I'm) Super-happy ♪
Seeing it in a bookshop, if you become as happy as I am,  I'll become even happier ☆  [3]

[1] Raise your hand if you don't know what this is.
[2] Impatient, it's supposed to be anxious rather that annoyed.
[3] There's a phrase in here that I don't quite get, "to onaji youni" meaning, in the same way.
I'm assuming he means in the same way that the shuzai made him happy, finding the magazine in a bookstore makes him happy. But, I'd rather know what it really means.

Thank to
[profile] katsuchan

Picture, Araki looking pretty and ultra-thin

[profile] engwanoviel: Stop staring!


Maido~!! (Quotation) [1]

By the way, that night, after a long time, I went drinking with Nakamura Masaya.

We were just playing around, doing foolish things, but, he's a good guy that has atsui enthusiasm [2]

After this, yoroshiku!

Ahh.. Please don't pay attention to the kiss.

[2] WTF atsui means hot or warm (as in warm and fuzzy) or SHAMELESS and he uses katakana not kanji so I can't know which one!! The second word can be translated as enthusiasm. Use your favourite combination. I'm going with posseses shameless passion.

[1] Maido is how NakaSan usually starts all of his entries this way, Zukki doesn't want you to miss that so he makes sure to point it out. LOL

Picture: NakaSan kissing Zukki



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