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I've been posting these on twitter, but that bad thing about twitter is that you can't go back and edit your typos and other stupid mistakes


: I said this yesterday, but, the news isn't 100% credible. However, I want to believe in the persons and (since) it's possible that it is (true), I'm circulating it. Please use your discretion to decide.

: Those of you that don't have a TV or can't watch it, but have a computer, you can watch live news coverage here:

: Everyone thank you for working until so late. People searching for someone, should try searching here first:

: RT : Yuu-kun, urgent information for women on how to make napkins (sanitary pads). Please RT.

: This is the site to confirm safety (of persons) from before:

: When (reading) everyone's tweets, I see an excessive amount of chainmail appearing.
Truly important notices will be published officially, be careful so you're not (misled).
Why make such a thing? I don't understand...

: By the way, information on the respective power outages will be on the homepages of the ward office or municipal offices of the concerned area[1].

[1] i.e. area where you/whoever live.

: I hope that affected persons will get sleep no matter how little. Good night.


: Today, the rotation of (scheduled) blackouts start. There are a lot of inconveniences to this, but, it’s nothing comparable to the hard days of those who were affected by the earthquake. Please don’t be unwilling, but co-operate. Let's show everyone's love.

: In regards to the implementation of the power outages, the country’s notices have been see-sawing back and forth, (so) without getting angry, without lamenting, without using unnecessary power, let’s just calming get through this.

: There’s a three metre tsunami-like wave approaching Shinchichou Fukushima, person in the area please evacuate to higher (ground).

: This might be useful! Reading:NHK NEWS Evacuee registry online gallery

: A while ago, I went out into the street, the conbini (convenience store) lights were turned off.
Each shop was carrying out business in dim lightly. I can't express it properly but somehow I felt happy. Right now I'm tweeting in the darkness too. Everyone's small efforts, are definitely taking shape.
Let's continue to conserve energy like this!
I hope everyone's kindness can be (felt). [1]

[1] Literally delivered/received.


Everyone, Good evening.

(Seeing in) the daily coverage of the earthquake,
the never before seen tsunami, the frightening tremors,
I was shocked.

At the time of the earthquake, I was in Nagoya working, but even in Nagoya, you could really feel the tremors.

(However) the persons that were affected were even more frightened (and) even more pained.

(As) I was not directly affect by the earthquake, it's easy to (just) write, but, what I can do is prayer and everyone get well, even if it's just one person.

And (so), from now,
(for) what I can do, I'll do my best.
Seto Kouji

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