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Yanagi Kotarou
2009-07-23: I did it!!!
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Everyone! I'm sorry!

(At) yesterday's NatsuDoko!

When I got excited... [1]

I turned into this form.

If I sleep I may turn back into myself.

I'm worried about the other members.

Ohh! Worried!

Worried (Shinpai)


Mistake? (Shippai).


[1] Fighting spirit set in.

Shirota Yu
2009-07-21: Shirota is stooopid. )
Eclipse )

2009-07-22: The results. )11

(Before we go on, for NatsuDoko, Shirota's day was July 23rd. It was called Shirota's Adult Night, or something like that XD)

Usui Masahiro
Adult night )

Nakamura Yuichi
no picture )
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2008-12-30: Yanagi's Lullaby (Horror Version)
Pic: none

I've become drowsy,
I want to be fast asleep.

It's already this hour isn't it?
As it happens, tomorrow's I've no plans.

I must rest my body.
At leisure at my home.
I've got no choice.

This evening (when) I fall fast asleep.
Oh, I'll always be asleep.

In the sky, many stars twinkle,
Always inside his bed, the old man doesn't know.



Sorry for spamming.
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It got too much for me to do Shirota in the post, so I'll post that later today. I promise :D
But, he talks about Shirota in 4 entries...


Summary: Yanagi sits on Shirota's lap and thinks that Shirota as a B-type...err I mean gangsta is scary, renames Tomo and tries to get him drunk, makes weird puns and then posts a picture of Kaji (and then Shirota gets possessive). Oh yeah and some emo.

[-1]  Continued
I've probably only told Stefy this. But, that's kinda why I like reading Yanagi's posts the most.
Weird... no WEIRD haikus, freaky puns and clever jokes, none of which translate well. The only person that reminds me of him is Nishikido Ryo. Haikus about farting and picking at scabs.
Nishikido Ryo 2008-06-19
Roads )

Oh oh! I liked this
Whether or not you're a LF fan, I think you'd agree it was nicely done
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20008-03-20: Before the event nyo
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Konkonkon ~♪

2008-03-20: I did the event nyo
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In the rain, so many people came nyo.
We had the talk about some recent work nyo.
It was fun nyo.

It was good nyo. ~(^O^)/

ps. Because of the Privacy Protection Act nyo
I added mosaic nyo. [2]

[1] It says "Nyohoho da nyo"
[2] Originally he posted without those hideous black rectangles.
Also I fudged the name of the Act a little.

2008-03-23: Horror
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Somehow today is hot ne.
But even at this time, I (still) want to watch horror movies.
Let's totally make our heart rates go up~

Horror movies (make me) feel good. ☆ [1]

[1] Nothing compares to the horror I feel when I see English in these blogs. It actually says:
"ホラー気分をfeeling good☆"
It's nice to know that Yanagi shares Shirota's love for horror.
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These are the entries written by Yanagi on the Memory's 3's  blog.

lol too tired to go on to the last one, sorry!
BTW one year of Japanese self-study ne, this time last YEAR I think I had firmly decided I would learn hiragana, katakana, wOohOOOO.


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