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I was explaining to a co-worker that I didn't feel as though I had goals, she was working and finishing her degree.
She thought it was ridiculous (that I wanted goals). Next year, I'll turn 30. I've never cared much about age, I can remember clearly when I was going for my postgrad there was a Chinese girl from Canada. She refused to tell me her age when I asked, I didn't. So I pretended once that forgot that I had asked and asked her again. As you can guess she didn't like that. Why must I be so irritating? lol
But your age is never something you should be ashamed of, regardless of what you're doing. (And you don't need me to tell you that unless you're an over 30 guy trying to pick up teen girls on Omegle.[1]  Shame on you! )
I've been very blessed in life so far, although perhaps my life is not particularly special in any way.

And then recently with Shirota's collab with a BSB (BTW full version here)
It was really his dream. This is definitely the highlight of his career so far.

This being the lowlight

That's stolen from tumblr.
got too long )
Then he backed down from that, did I imagine this? Sigh. Reading old entries I really miss Debbie and kureno_rooster T_T

[1] The other night I could sleep and went on omegle, it was filled with people wanting naked pictures of you and one Canadian girl who said if she would kill anyone and get away with it, she would kill Justin Bieber for shaming Canadians. Hmm. Ok. But then she went into details of how she would slice his toes off and skin him, etc, etc. )

Oh yeah and after all this, I still have NO goals. Thanks YamaP for nothing.
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Ok, I've got a bunch of stuff to talk about, but, I've been way toooo busy. So probably people on my f-list haved posted about it and I missed it.
I'll post again on Sunday? lol hopefully.

lol I doubt I can remember all the things I wanted to babble about.

So Jun and Kei finally had their "major debut" as Alma.
Dear Tomato-san, NO NO NO. )

I've had such a hard time picturing that Ryo and Shirota could be friends.
Well jojo, I still do.
The photo JE/WE don't want you to see. )
ShiroJun Eduardo, some druggie, Jin, Shunpei, Shinjo!Yuu Esteban, ιΆγŒγ‚‰!Ryo >_>

Let's use this to transition to D-boys

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Miki took Yuuichi to NY.
I was pretty upset about this. As I had planned to take Yuuichi to NY, if he behaved.
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A bunch of old pictures, mostly from high school. it's easy to pick Shirota out, he's the giant. YamaPi is the small blonde one.

ShiroPi )

Disclaimer: The majority of these photos are were taken from baidu (80% of them), the person on baidu got some of them from tanteifile.
The Jin pictures, I'm not sure, I think are from here, that is aside from the last one.


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