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(Future Sticky post!)

Welcome to my journal. I seldom write personal entries, when I do it’s usually somewhat humorous anecdotes, three times a year I do the emo thing. Most of my posts are translations. I’m teaching myself Japanese, and therefore my translations may not be 100% accurate, I make horrendous typos (for example, typing “like" instead of “look”) and I suck at proofreading. Please feel free to correct me or point and laugh in private.

Also, this journal is not friends-only. I tend to lock any posts that contains personal information. Add me and I will add you back when I notice or comment here. Un-friend (?) me and I will probably un-friend you when/if I notice. I’ll probably only lock translations that I have serious doubts about, if this statement hasn’t erased any faith you might have had in my translating skills then yoroshiku ne.
It would be nice if you commented once in a while and I would prefer it you didn't repost anything.

Some stats:

Age: 26
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland.
Origin: GUYANA (Carribean / South America)
Fandoms: Mostly D-boys (the "D"  is for dumb), but, I dip my feet into a lot of things that invariably my mom considers to be gay.


(There's a bunch of people going "Those aren't D-boys!" But, it was from this pretty batch and I just had to take one.)

And now....
(This post is still being edited. To my f-list, is this a scary welcome post? I thought Yasu in pink might put random visitors at ease. I'll probably make a D-boys one at some point.)


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