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 I feel so bad posting again after just posting.

first up some Igarashi for sharonkiew which I said I'd post agesssssssssssssss ago.
I think scans for these mags were posted but not Igarashi's pages

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Woofin girl Sept 09

EDIT: Files on MF since PB made them so small.

yanagi )

Cinema Cinema Samurai

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Highlights: Zukki tsukkomis Yuichi on primetime, Wada runs, Yuichi does IXAcises and wants to look like Araki. Seto is Seto, I like his sense of humour. I think he’d make a good partner in crime.

As usual I’m sorry, let me know if you see any errors.

Source of picture unknown, scan found on 2chan.
Click for Larger.

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TV Guide 2009-08-08: Scan by [ profile] nico26  @ [ profile] terebi_gaido 
To get the full scan you must join that comm. Click here.
(Please thank her if you do!)

An appearance by superhero ikementachi.. and Wada.
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Dengeki Layers Vol. 26
Scan by [profile] pali_mari  @ her lj. Click here.

It’s just changing clothes, but, it feels like living a different person’s life.

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Junon 2009-09 Scans by [profile] mayura_news  and [profile] kuroistar_08  here @ [ profile] channaka .
A special thanks to kuroi for scanning the text for me <3

Nakamura Yuichi

Despite losing weight, a macho body is (still) impossible.

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Seto Kouji

What I like about my body, my long arms.
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[profile] trace_into  posted preview pictures of the entire photobook HERE.

So I translated this page quickly.

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From yahoo auctions July OOO photos and purikura:
shirota, yanagi, igarashi, channaka, wada, zukki, araki, seto, tomo )

purikura )

And now
Wangan Midnight preview skjdbfslkdjbfgskldjbgfskljfbg
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I'll put up the download (mp4) on [ profile] channaka  but let me know if you're not in the comm and want it.


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