Mar. 12th, 2011


Mar. 12th, 2011 05:37 pm
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Some tweets from Shirota :

: Good morning. Is everyone ok? It was scary until morning. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything. The world knows about the state of Japan & are trying to help. Hang there in a bit more.

: Yesterday I meant well and RTed a lot of information without checking. I heard some of them were false. I'm sorry.

: The situation continues to get worse. Filming has also stopped. Even if it's a small thing, let's do whatever we can. Let's believe in our strength.
Now is the time, to become one. If we join forces, we can overcome.

: First, there's conservation of energy. Refrain from using electricity unless you need it.
Each person's little desire/thought can be one person's big wish and someone's loved one can definitely be saved. Definitely.

: You don't have to become a hero, you don't have to say "Let's do good". Just imagine a time when someone your loved was hurting, or a time when they cried, what would you do?
Let's start from now.

: My mother left my sick 11 year old sister at home and soon after she left the earthquake occurred.
Hurrying back, she found my little sister crying and frantically clinging to our parrot and two dogs.
Adults must reliably protect (their) children so they no longer suffer from anxiety like this.

Left out all the RTs but I was tempted to do the ultraman one XD


【To all of the victims】

Takumi Saitou )


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