Feb. 16th, 2007

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i made a pretty but simple layout with yuuichi as otoya and latoya in pripriD and then i realized it only looks good on [profile] engwanoviel's screen, it looks awful on mine!!
not only that but i can't move the ads to the top when using S1 -_-
i guess i can move it if i look into the overrides codes but i'm way too lazy to do that
maybe if i chop my background in half and only use the latoya half it'll be ok
EDIT: cropped the image but lol lol lol lol will try to fix it tomorrow
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"Jan Kandō (漢堂ジャン, Kandō Jan?) / GekiRed (ゲキレッド, GekiReddo?)
The Unbreakable Body (アンブレイカブル・ボディ, Anbureikaburu Bodi?), from which power flows unstoppable. He practices the Fierce Beast Tiger-Fist style, though still a beginner. He was raised by tigers deep within the forest for unknown reasons and befriended a panda. His true origins are unknown. Because of his upbringing, his senses have been sharply enhanced and he feels with his body, not with the brain. He can't use common words so he sometimes describes things with words such as "niki-niki", "zowa-zowa", "waki-waki", his own personal "Jan-ish" language. He was scouted by Scratch because he personifies the "Body" of a Gekiranger: he can be pinned against the ground by a big log with no harm at all. As he was raised by animals, he doesn't know and has to learn about the "Heart."


*insert Lio and Jan fanfics here*


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