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Someone requested a translation of a Taemin as I searched for it, I ended up downloading the entire magazine, and what do I find on the opposite page? D-date!! So I ended up getting like 6.
Bell said she hadn't seen this around and I have no idea.
There's a running section where you basically imagine what it would be like to date ideal versions of D-Date.
You know, highly photoshopped, scarf-wearing guys who think that as you go on a shopping date, it will feel like the two persons' sense are becoming one. <- ok that last part is just Seto. Whereas, Igarashi would like to go to a department store and play around in/ with women's clothes. Although nothing can top the movie date IMHO.
I'm missing one, if you have it, please add it. (looking at vichi)






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But before that, I posted this in the Shirota comm
I WTFed for a while at Shirota Jun's own from a few days back, but, I swear it's like a pigg costume.

Ah speaking of pigg, this is my pigg room currently, I don't know if i should go back to the horror room for Halloween.
You can't see Onew, my white tiger, he's camera shy I guess, pigg tells me he's a "lone wolf".

Oh wait, hate.

I'm not in NY, I didn't yet to see Shinee yesterday nor today. *whine whine whine*
To deal with thinking about it, someone posted some scans of SHINee articles yesterday and so I ended up doing transcribing and doing  translations.
I don't even know how. OH, I remember it's because it was all really easy. [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 <- last one I LOVE)

But, if you think this hate was towards everyone with a ticket to Madison Square Garden, then you'd be very wrong.
It's all towards Araki. This was from the batch that [ profile] andweewoo had sent me.

Piece 1

Today I went boxing.

I thought (I) would be powerful, but that wasn't the case.
My style is strained, and the stiffness gets in the way.

I've still got some way to go before my intuition builds up. [1]
When I got home, I watched a movie that Yuuyan (Endo Yuuya) recommended.

A group of best friends are living on the street, but it's each man for himself.
Of course, for each the "happy life" [2] that they're aiming for is different.
But, even though what each is facing is different, friends are still friends.

The acceptance shown as well, together (they're) the best.
"Best friends" are good ne. ♪

You can't decide who your best friend will be.
Everyone is a love friend ☆ [3]

The title "Piece of Peace" has a lot of meanings attached.
From here on, let's bring it out lots ☆

[1] When to hit.
[2] "happy life" in English
[3] Errr.
best friendは決められない。
みんなlove friendだ☆

Seriously, WTF is that? Everyone is love friend? Araki. T_T WAE??

Even the weird ass Yanagi entries that I did for Stefy this morning were not as hard and it involved intentional misspellings!! (I should also mention they were about pimples and lightbulbs).

Edit: Speaking of lone wolves, did anyone see Hoodwinked too? It's not as clever as Hoodwinked, but funny enough. I sort of want to speak in an evil German accent now.


Oct. 8th, 2011 09:21 pm
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I did this post on March 17th! But didn't post it because I was worried
that I'd misconvey it. But, what good is it sitting in a private post?


WAE is made up the initials of the three essential components that make up the project.
WAE can be said to be the circle that connects the victims (of the earthquake to the company).
The name comes from the thoughts/feelings of the employees and talent attached to the company.

The three ways that WAE will be showing their support:
1. Company-wide charity auction
2. Donations collected by the agency
3. Fund-raising by the artists.

We're currently collecting donations and items to auction.
Ideas can be sent to:

Endo Yuuya

We want to send cheers to bring smiles to the face of the affected. For now that's all we can do.
To be honest, we can't laugh
It hurts our (hearts), it feels like we'll burst open.
But, I think a little at a time we can bring heartfelt smiles.

Yanagi Koutarou

It's small but, let's make it a day where you can smile soon.

Wada Masato

We have... what this sort of earthquake can't make shake, we have a strong faith.
We won't forget... as this quietly finishes, to bring heartfelt smiles.
A lot of aid... a lot of goods...
Together with those, we will join our hands to yours and deliver dreams and hope.
Ganbare, Japan!!

(Note. This far more eloquent in Japanese. Sorry Wada!)

Suzuki Hiroki


(Just like that in English <3 )

Igarashi Shunji

Right now, as the (news) announcement increase, so does the number of victims.
I think as with me, everyone's experiencing varous emotions; pain, sorrow, anger.
But, at a time like this, we must co-operate, we must not stop, I want (you) to move forward with (your) heads up.
Of course, I must must also do the same.
The future can be (molded) by our own hands as much as we can.
Happiness can be grasped with our own hands. For this reason, for now, we will aim for your smiles.

Araki Hirofumi

For this project, what is it that *I* can do?
I think for myself as an actor, I can use what is necessary for me to survive, like water or air, that's entertainment.

(Note: I think I made him sound flaky but the gist is that this what keeps him going so he's going to use what he can )

Read more... )

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I'll start with Piggu.
Yesterday it was announced that They would start earlier this week, I really wanted to believe in Stefy's "luck" that Yanagi would come this week.
I mean Yanagi already has a new secret official pigg. It's obviously starting early so the two heavily medicated D-boy cripples can type slowly.
But instead we got Seto and Kaji. And the truth is Seto might as well been a cripple!
Read more... )

Now DBA. Araki helps a 15 year old boy become a jockey.

Read more... )
荒瀬五中 (AraSeGoChuu)

I'm so disturbed!! 3000 entries. What will be the decision?
Please be #2.

Tilmon's post. summary of DBA and Pigg. Tons of screenshot
Reborn's post on DBA.
Maki's post on Pigg.

From Manager Silver.
Seto's keyboard seems broken. Kaji seems like he didn't bathe. Link
Seto's apologetic face.

I should sleep more. In that last Yanagi picture he reminded me of taemin. Must be a riff in the space/time fandom continuum somewhere.
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Let's start with DBA while I can remember any of it.

So last week, Igarashi messed up and the supervisor told Dai-chan he needed to study. So they went off to some place to make soup in small vats. He was really nice how much fail this was, it was pretty much three minutes or so of sweat.
My favourite part would be Igarashi punishing and saying "Oi! Yuichi! Seto! Araki! What are you trying to do?"
Read more... )

Special Unit finalists!!!
You can see the videos of them here.
You can vote too!!
I was leaning towards 前田 until I saw Park Jaehyun.

cap from [ profile] fila_desu 

My sister on Japanese TV )

This week, Araki and tomo came.
Read more... )

My sister and I were the only ones speaking any English (well I said some stuff in Japanese but her system can't read Japanese text at all)
So we were pretty happy about this:
(10:19) 柳下 大: YSE!!!
(10:19) 柳下 大: YESYES!!!!

Edit: Tilmon's pix
rebirth's pix

last week's if you missed it.


Dec. 11th, 2009 08:47 am
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- I won't go in order (starting from piece 1), but I do have all thanks to [ profile] andweewoo .
- Purupuru is the sound soft things like jelly and apparently babies' cheeks make. (like kirakira)
- Do not EVER google images of Seto + purupuru lips in Japanese with safe search off., In fact maybe never google images of anything in Japanese with safe search off.

Araki Hirofumi

2009-12-02: 『piece29』

Read more... )

2009-12-03: 『piece30』

Read more... )

Seto Kouji

2009-12-03: Setomaru 1414

Read more... )

Related entries in Info blog are:
1. In which you're supposed to guess who the empty seat is for.
2. In which Araki appears deformed and you're informed you can see Seto's purupuru face if you were a paid member.

PS. Thank you for the Vgifts~ m(_ _)m
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 I feel so bad posting again after just posting.

first up some Igarashi for sharonkiew which I said I'd post agesssssssssssssss ago.
I think scans for these mags were posted but not Igarashi's pages

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Woofin girl Sept 09

EDIT: Files on MF since PB made them so small.

yanagi )

Cinema Cinema Samurai

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Aug. 8th, 2009 04:42 pm
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 Adachi is continuing the series in his blog where he whores out thinking!Yuichi other D-boys.

When I wrote about Yuichi saying in D-boys it was Araki's body that he wanted, this was not what I was thinking about.
Reminds me of when Araki posted about Yuichi's back.
For the record if anyone wants to know what I believe is going on, aside from fanservice, Araki is thinking deeply about 17th century English poetry and Yuichi is trying steal his shoujo manga. You agree right?

Fine I'm just spamming you. I won't be home all of tomorrow. I've finished Shirota's entries and will post that on Monday. Then Tuesday I'll try to post the Jelly article for him and the Ryo one I've finished and have on "my" computer and am too lazy to get up and get now.
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Goodbye to the godawful streaks. )

futatus talk )

Please buy tickets )

Going to be in the papers...again ) manly )


Araki: 2009-07-07 )
Thank you to everyone for your comments, I'm not fully healed but much much better.
Still on hiatus though lol

I'm back.

Feb. 24th, 2009 01:44 pm
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Well, sort of. Not at full capacity and there's still stuff for me to sort.
A little miki and Channaka
Tons of whoring.

big gay picture here )

Araki the yariman - not a typo )
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Yanagi )

Wada )

[profile] _pseudonym  translated the D-boys comic strip from Cast Prix Premium here feat. SeTomo. <3
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Clearly Araki and Zukki want me to feel better (I woke up too early). But, I'm not entirely sure what they're saying :/

Shuzai [1]

I did a shuzai for Cast Prix
I want it to come out earlyy (>_<)
Excuse me, Excuse me, I'm... irritated [2] that I can't say as yet~!
For the first time I'm living an actor's life. ☆ (I'm) Super-happy ♪
Seeing it in a bookshop, if you become as happy as I am,  I'll become even happier ☆  [3]

[1] Raise your hand if you don't know what this is.
[2] Impatient, it's supposed to be anxious rather that annoyed.
[3] There's a phrase in here that I don't quite get, "to onaji youni" meaning, in the same way.
I'm assuming he means in the same way that the shuzai made him happy, finding the magazine in a bookstore makes him happy. But, I'd rather know what it really means.

Thank to
[profile] katsuchan

Picture, Araki looking pretty and ultra-thin

[profile] engwanoviel: Stop staring!


Maido~!! (Quotation) [1]

By the way, that night, after a long time, I went drinking with Nakamura Masaya.

We were just playing around, doing foolish things, but, he's a good guy that has atsui enthusiasm [2]

After this, yoroshiku!

Ahh.. Please don't pay attention to the kiss.

[2] WTF atsui means hot or warm (as in warm and fuzzy) or SHAMELESS and he uses katakana not kanji so I can't know which one!! The second word can be translated as enthusiasm. Use your favourite combination. I'm going with posseses shameless passion.

[1] Maido is how NakaSan usually starts all of his entries this way, Zukki doesn't want you to miss that so he makes sure to point it out. LOL

Picture: NakaSan kissing Zukki

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Crappy internet will not let me reply to comments right now, I hope it lets me post this.
It won't even let me check my friends page properly ;_;



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I was so happy when I saw this. I couldn’t understand at first
why he was talking about HanaKimi,
 I thought maybe he wished he was in it.






Edit again:
So maybe Araki has the measles? Aww Hirata said it was lonely

thank you to [personal profile] starrbeam  [profile] nekonezumiand [profile] inner_demons_!


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