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If you live in Japan, perhaps you should be afraid....
Of Granma
Your mom
I've always found kids scary anyway.
However, if you kid does kill your boyfriend, that's not always a bad thing. (Read the comments on this one. Very informative).
It's that time of year where I should be setting resolutions that I'll break in a month..(current record two days).
I should probably just resolve to be safe this year by staying the fuck out of Japan. We'll see how that goes... on the other hand, BEER SHAMPOO and manbras that improve your cello playing and your chest pass.

(EDIT 2: Granpas will not be left out of the fun)

Katka and I are amused,
"Pop star Ayumi Hamasaki has suffered an injury to her right hand. According to her agency, she fell down some stairs on Christmas Eve due to anemia."
We think this was the type of anemia that's induced by one too many beer.

EDIT: For those of you into J-Music scene. You might be interested in JPopJapan.
I'm following it on Twitter as well.

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Or rather, Happy Shirota Day!

So today, I'll catch up on his entries and stuffs then I'll make a round up post on [ profile] yuu_shirota .

I would have probably finished it already except I spent almost all day camming (?) with [ profile] engwanoviel and then [ profile] fila_desu introduced me to five i had to watch all 13 subbed episodes then make my sister and [ profile] angelalia watch them too >_>
It would save me so much trouble if fila and alia friended each other, no?

So I'll be back later to tell you what happened at the first solo fan club event and show you pictures of Santa Shirota as I don't think anyone has posted them as yet.

Completely unrelated.
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Wrong vid orz )
OOPS This is the right one.

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Stupid rumour has been going around for four days that Shirota is taking over All night nippon on Monday nights.
But of course it's just a rumour.

Also what's all this about Shirota going to be on 「第46回新春かくし芸大会2009」
While Endo, Kaji, Ryuuki, Taito and Tomo are doing rhythmic gymnastics, it seems Shirota is supposed to do some sort of illusion?
I'm not clear as to who he's doing this with.
I doubt this as he's not one to miss complaining about work.
It just seems so chock full of WE talent, Aoki Sayaka (think Kame music lessons), Neptune AND Shokotan is doing some soap bubble thing.

But back to D-boys. Endo says the high bars are hard (WTH??) but, Taito seems in his element. Regardless of what they're doing though, this is what I picture it will look like. (My friend showed me these a couple of weeks back).

Uneven bars )
and ...
What it looks like right now... )
Dammnit I had more to talk about but I can barely keep my eyes open. I'll answer comments tomorrow.


Dec. 10th, 2008 09:59 pm
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I wanted to try doing new D-boy's entries. I started but I'm wayy too tired to finish tonight.
New D-boy is all genki and shit. He seems pretty nice except "いっぱい僕のブログチェックしてくれると嬉しいです" makes me think he's taking grammar lessons from Nishikido.
Must stop calling him "New D-boy"
Ah yes, [ profile] jodyn  syndicated his feed for lj [ profile] hashimototaito 
Did any do a feed for Ryuuki's?

I thought that maybe no one was reading my entries anymore on [ profile] yuu_shirota 
but it turns out 300 people read the last one.
That reminds me, Shirota is such a sad sad person.
Nothing here

That in turn reminds me, did YamaP say he found a "huge" Christmas tree in his living room and then RinaP posted this?  (She went to Ooedo Onsen where someone on my flist went a few weeks ago)
I'm just saying >_>    I'm sure you know what I mean, don't make me pull out the stolen  ASCII art.
Yeah, I'm a little lame too.

(While still on the topic of me) Came home to a message from [ profile] angelbelle . She's one of my closest REAL LIFE friends.
"where have you been!? I've been waiting to ask you to do something shady for me all day long! haha"
That probably speaks the most about my personality. However, you'll be happy to know I didn't partake in the illegal activity she suggested.

God is a troll? lol I kinda wanted to quote [ profile] metaquotes ...That's probably only funny to me. Now I'm back to being lame.
Thanks to Trinity for introducing me that that comm.

EDIT: I meant to talk about 「第46回 新春かくし芸大会2009」
Endo, Tomo, Kaji, Ryuuki and new D-boy are in it this year. [ profile] vanilla_ichigo  had posted last year's with Seto and Nakagawa in it and I remember the one with Zukki and Kaji. I don't remember who did lion dancing that year in there except Endo and Minakawa but I had really wanted to see that year's.


Dec. 6th, 2008 10:13 pm
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I'm tired beyond words.
I'll try to do some translations tomorrow.
So here's some filler.
[ profile] engwanoviel  showed me this the other day.

And for those of you not in [ profile] wtf_japan , you MUST see these.
What Nori thinks of Stefy... )War! What is it good for? ) Loves me some sushi )


Dec. 1st, 2008 12:36 pm
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I've never done a more accurate meme.

*goes to finish translations NOW*


Nov. 17th, 2008 05:52 pm
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I didn't get to finish trans today. So here's some filler.


To [ profile] aruya :
You messaged me but I couldn't reply b/c your privacy settings don't allow it and there are no posts on your lj for me to reply to.
You might want to check over at [ profile] yuu_shirota 
It was posted there recently.

Don't you think niShirota should be the new Akame.
I mean their pictures are their side by side, in my last post they were HUGGING.
If that's not forbidden love, then I don't know what is. >_>


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